Ted Cruz advocates a Fair Tax

Posted by Solar on Sun, 04/24/2016 - 19:16

Yes, you read that correctly, Ted Cruz is actually advocating a Fair Tax system.

Sure we've all heard him speak of a Flat Tax, and if you're a Conservative like those of us here at Conservative Hardliner, you to were probably taken aback when you heard him talk about the details.

Well here's the good news.  The ultimate goal for Cruz is a Fair Tax and an abolishment of the IRS, but because we're dealing with Leftists in both parties, people that depend on the crony connection for their very existence, he has to take baby steps, such as starting with a simple Flat Tax.

Here's the money quote affirming what no one else is talking about, but as we've seen demonstrated by Ted Cruz many times over, he keeps his word;

“The senator supports a Fair Tax, ultimately,” spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said. “However, the most immediate, effective way to implement comprehensive tax reform is to pass a simple flat tax — so simple that Americans can file on a postcard. This should be the starting point for reform, and once it's in place we should pursue a Fair Tax.”

For those of you wanting more detail, I give you Ted's Tax Plan.  For the rest, stop reading, you got what you came for, a confirmation that Ted knows exactly what he's doing. 

Ted's Tax Plan

The Simple Flat Tax keeps Cruz’s promise to Abolish the IRS and dismantle the Washington Cartel that uses our complex tax code as a political weapon. It levels the playing field for businesses. No longer will giant corporations be able to avoid paying what they owe while small businesses and hard-working Americans pick up the tab. The Cruz plan allows every American to do their own taxes in a matter of minutes and allows families to save up to $25,000 per year completely tax-free, until they decide to spend it, how they want to spend it. The Tax Foundation has evaluated it and said that all Americans will see their incomes increase by at least 14 percent, maybe more. It will eliminate six taxes including the death tax, the payroll tax, the alternative minimum tax, and every last unconstitutional and unconscionable tax found in Obamacare.

Details of Cruz’s Simple Flat tax can be viewed here.

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