Leftists aren't funny and aren't capable of humor. Media Matters demonstrated this with their failed attempt to damage Tucker Carlson.
The Left believes that mankind can be restored to perfection – if only the right people are in charge of things. It would seem that, to date, the right people haven't yet been in charge of things.
In this first installment of a series, I'll focus on a few general principles. I want to lay out the groundwork for an in-depth study of the fundamental differences between the Left and the Right in modern American politics. Future installments will address more specific issues.
For the Left, everything that matters is at stake, and therefore anything and everything they can think of to do is justified in the pursuit of power. That approach, that sentiment, that belief can only be based in religion.
A really disgusting thing happened recently. Democrats leaped to the defense of Muslims, trashed Christians repeatedly and used dead bodies to further their quest to disarm Americans and actually fund raised off those dead Americans.
I’ve finally reconciled myself to the fact that I will never be as clever as my liberal counterparts. They are just too smart. Too nuanced. Too brilliant. However I’ve got all sorts of questions for these faux intellectuals. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.