Spare me the tears for George Floyd

Posted by DC on Tue, 06/02/2020 - 23:14

I can hear the pearl clutching right now from wobbly conservatives, but if you’re going to cry about someone getting roughed up by the cops, it couldn’t have happened to a better criminal than George Floyd.

If the story is true about what the police officer did to Floyd (what, no presumption of innocence Trey?), then of course he should be brought to justice (with Keith X as the Attorney General of Minnesota, we can throw “fair trial” out the window).  It seems to me karma brought together the police officer’s problem history with George Floyd’s.  I say match made in heaven.

There’s video going around of Floyd promoting peace, and fluffy pieces written on how great of a guy he was, but spare me that crap.  I have zero tolerance for violent offenders, and it’s a shame so many on the right have taken a knee to this thug who should’ve spent life in jail.

Spare me the “he made a mistake” liberal line that absolves him of consequences of his actions.  When I left my keys in my pants and washed them in the washer, that was a “mistake”.  When my ex-girlfriend caught me staring at another girl and she smacked me upside my head, that was a “mistake”.  Floyd didn't trip, fall, and accidentally press a weapon to a woman’s stomach while his accomplice robbed her home and struck her on the side of her head when she screamed for help.

How did that lady feel?  What psychological trauma did it cause her?  How terrified was she?  How did that affect her family?  What if that was your mother, sister, or daughter?  Why do you give him a pass, when if he did this to your family, you’d likely pray for him to meet his maker?

This is the only violent crime for which he was caught, but who knows how many others went without justice?  No surprise he has charges for theft and drugs, but leftist affection for violent crime, and that mentality that disrespects others is the problem.

I understand he “served his time”, but that time wasn’t long enough.  When is our society going to crack down on violent crime?  Would he have shot that lady if she got out of hand?  Is she alive simply because she calmed down?

I’d expect a little more from Texas.  Why did this criminal not spend life in prison?  I understand he “changed his life around”.  How convenient.  When you get older and your aching body doesn’t want to do the stuff you used to do when you were in your teens and twenties, that doesn’t mean you’re no longer that person.

“But he was a good man”.  Well, people loved Ted Bundy.  Hitler was a dog lover.  He very well may have “turned his life around”, but was he still dealing drugs?  How many ruined young lives did he help ruin in Texas?  This guy left the world worse off than when he entered.

If I get proof that he found that lady he held at gunpoint and made amends and received forgiveness from her, then maybe I’ll retract my feelings about Floyd, but he didn’t stay and repair the damage he did in Texas; he fled to Minneapolis, where he was ultimately caught passing counterfeit bills.  Who knows what criminal activity he was involved in that was more advantageous to an aging body.

Years ago when my mother was pregnant with me, she was held at gunpoint during a robbery.  The thought of it makes my eyes water and I wish one of those thugs was pulled over by Chauvin and got a nice wooden shampoo, as improper as it may be.

At some point, people need to empathize more with the victims of criminals and less with the criminals.  They have a right to due process, as that’s thankfully the foundation of our justice system, but let’s make prison a little less comfortable and put them away for a little longer.

When domestic terrorists decide to use a bad cop who should’ve been kicked out of the force long ago, or prosecuted, as a reason to make their move to promote riots, and convince young people that businesses need to be burned down, ruining innocent lives, and cheering on people murdered in public (as long as it's not THEIR family members), maybe let’s not glorify the thug too much.

Regarding Chauvin, I don’t let him off the hook.  I hope he seeks justice for any wrongdoing, but unlike many on the right, I'm giving him the presumption of innocence, just as I'd hope Floyd would have received.

I haven’t been programmed by the Marxist media promoting violent community organizing to conjure up some white guilt and give Floyd a pass and “honor him”.  I will never soften to the violent criminal, nor will their crimes become more palatable to me as I age.  If you're upset with the Marxist infiltration of our society, then don't be so quick to glorify Floyd.

If it seems like I have disdain for violent criminals, then you're spot on.  I do believe in absolution if you get forgiveness from your victims, and I do believe in presumption of innocence, but I sure as hell am not going to feel bad for either Floyd nor Chauvin.


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