Something new we're trying: daily news items

Posted by DC on Mon, 08/19/2019 - 09:27

We're going to be posting a list of links to news sources daily.  These are stories we may have already read, or intend to read at some point during the day.

Since we changed our look in December, our site has grown over 200%.  We understand we need to produce more timely content, and we've learned more and more people are reading our site and looking for more news, which is pretty amazing.  There's tons of sites on the internet much larger than us, so to be a stop along the way for a growing number of people helps keep us motivated. 

Exposing Marxists, economics from the perspective of business people (Solar, the site owner, and myself are long time business owners), Spygate and such government corruption, exposing the global warming scam, calling out anti-Constitutional policies, supporting our amazing President, making fun of libtards and such stories are what we'll post.  We'll also post tweets, videos, and memes relevant to the day, and continue to tweak and improve the look.

While I'm at it, here's a few changes we're making:

  • Author pages and content (like this)
  • News feeds from trusted sources
  • Library of references to other resources
  • Integration with our forum (once I get the upgrade done)
  • Newsletters
  • More writers and content creators


If you have any news tips, or feedback on how the site can be more useful or engaging, send them to us through the contact form (in the main menu).


UPDATE: we have a news aggregation page.

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