Sessions Concessions, Bump Stocks Ban

Posted by Solar on Thu, 03/15/2018 - 22:16

In other words, Sessions is going to do the job, unlike his Marxist predecessors? I hate conspiracies, I really do, but when sooo many officials were warned about this freak and did absolutely nothing? But it's what they did do that bothers me more and creates the air of conspiracy. They seemed to go to great lengths to avoid interfering with the path this kid was on.

As to Bump Stocks, I have no issue with doing away with a worthless novelty, something akin to a louder muffler for your car, or cards in your spokes as a kid, solely for the sake of attention. It, in no way, improves the performance of the machine, be it car or gun, in fact, a bump stock in the hands of the average shooter will waste 90% of the ammo fired. Bear with me, I have an actual point here, and no, none of this is based on an emotional thought, I don't play that shit.

If you've never been in a firefight, you can't possibly begin to understand just how important every round is. Whether you have 6, 9 or 99, you are in a moment of complete concentration, all distracting thoughts are gone, you are focusing on staying alive first and foremost, secondly, you are thinking about your surroundings, thirdly, and most importantly, once you've secured your location, you become myopic in nature.

The most important issue left, is taking out the threat, and let me tell you, having bullets dancing willy-nilly all around your target, is the last thing you want. Let me describe the moment, (let's say, 15 to 50 yards out) you're being fired upon, you have selected what you think is the best and safest position, you're pretty comfortable with the belief that your target/s are in one location in front of you, so the mind takes the eyes into a tunnel vision of sorts, (this is fight or flight, and you chose to fight) literally, like looking through a paper towel roll, with everything on the outside, a total blur.

Now think about that, you have a small area you're able to concentrate on, you want to kill your threat, the question is, do you want to intimidate and scare the crap out of him, shower the area with lead, possibly hitting innocents, or do you want to put an end to this crap and go home alive? The last thing any of us wants is to live with the fact we maimed an innocent, or worse yet, killed someone. Fact is, we all know, there is no case to be made for bump stocks. But with all that said?

Leave the damn thing s alone, don't you touch our damned guns, don't force us to add muzzle flash suppression, don't force us to enhance the flash effect, don't force us to make guns louder, in the same way, we don't want you outlawing silencers. Don't force us to use all wood, nor force manufacturers to use all composite materials. Just leave us the fuck alone! Laws are going to do one thing, and one thing only, prevent the law-abiding citizen from enjoying their chosen sport.

If you want to write actual common sense laws, then restrict freaks and felons from having easy access to any kind of firearm/weapon, because we all know, no law is going to stop anyone with evil intent, only encumber the law-abiding citizen from protecting the innocent, but what it will do, is give the legal system one more tool when dealing these freaks and enable the legal system the ability to keep them off the streets.

My point is, gun laws, Hell, many laws are just stupid, Conservatives don't want to break the law, so quit creating laws that we're likely to break, simply out of defiance against an oppressive govt. Or is that really the whole design behind banning bump stocks in the first place, just one more whack at the Tree of Liberty? Trump, don't do it, all you're doing is placating the emotional idiot lib, and advancing the leftist cause of outlawing guns one step at a time.

Don't believe me? Look at any toy gun today, compared to those we all grew up with in the 50s and 60s.

I'll end with one final comment. Remember the show Combat? It was 1962, I had the toy version of Vic Morrow's Thompson machine gun, even as a child, I only used enough ammo to play army with my friends, because stopping to recock/pull back the slide may cost you valuable seconds and get you fake killed.

It's just common sense folks, they want to take this away, for one reason, small victories win the war against the 2nd Amendment.

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