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Rush Limbaugh exposed

If you're like me, you too increased critical thinking skills from listening to Rush.  He had a unique way of exposing the agenda behind every whacked out leftist idea, from global warming to Greenpeace back in the day; and yeah, he was quite entertaining as well.

Myself, I heard Rush's very first broadcast on KFBK in Sacramento, long before he went national.  I watched every pro/con stint he did with the Mayor of Davis on TV at the time, and for those that never saw it, it was no less a Caligula moment for the Mayor in his humiliating slaughter (sorry no link to be found).

Yes, that was the 80s, the Reagan years, and life was good.  But fast forward to today, where Rush, for whatever reason, has shown us it was all a lie.  Or was it?

I remember his passion, his willingness to push the envelope and expose the left for what and who they are: Marxists at heart.  But what happened along the way?  Was there a discerning moment anyone can point to where Rush flipped for the establishment?

For the life of me, I don't think there is any one particular moment, but rather a reduction in "True Conservative" moments overall, something that really seemed to start disappearing during the GWB years, where he did more and more bashing of Dims while making excuses for RINO and defending their lack of Conservative values.

So let's look at today, shall we?  Rush taught us all well, and for that, he will always have my appreciation.  For it was his constant lessons that were his own downfall as a Conservative spokesman.  He taught us how to dissect any given issue, follow the money, sometimes blackmail, but to always look at an agenda in perspective.

So let's look at the Trump fraud, and yes, you all had the very same question, "Why is Rush not touting the Constitutional Conservative over the NY Lib with an (R) next to his name"?

Then suddenly, as if someone had thrown a switch! A myriad of sites, which were always known for their Conservative credentials started backing the Carpetbagging NY Lib (God rest your soul Andrew Breitbart).  Sites like Alex Jones the idiot conspiracist, to Conservative Treehouse that most never heard of, and a myriad of other sites.  Let's not forget FOX News, yet not a peep from Rush, something he thought we'd never notice.  But you were wrong Rush.  You taught us well in observation of leftist deceit, which is why your's is now blatantly obvious.

Yes, the GOP'e stated quite clearly that they hate the Conservative base of the party, and your compliance Rush, with their behavior, makes you one of them, in spite of your "admittance in never claiming to have been a Conservative in the first place" (or some semblance thereof), only added to the evidence that, at some point you sold out to the crony/leftist agenda when you aligned with Ailes, the mind behind the leftist GOP'e movement.

That story is coming Rush, stay tuned, You Ass Hole Traitor!  But hey, thanks for the memories and enlightenment.  Your deception only makes us stronger.