The Reason Why Democrats Are Terrified of This Economy

Posted by DC on Thu, 06/07/2018 - 04:55

With the exception of a few idiots giving Obama credit for the current booming economy, there’s no debate this is President Trump’s economy, even among leftists.  President Trump is making it happen and he built that.  Regarding Obama, if the economy is doing better, and it's Obama's economy, but President Trump is wiping away Obama policies, then shouldn't the economy get worse?  Liberal logic at its finest.

The latest jobs report is huge, and the next GDP numbers are unanimously expected to be over 3%.  The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, who usually overshoots, is forecasting 4.5%, which would be incredible.

However, numbers and data aren’t the reasons why confidence is up and why our neighbors and families have a huge weight off their shoulders, and why it’s smooth sailing ahead for the GOP for the foreseeable future.

During the Obama years, if someone lost their job, they were in trouble.  It was a dark time for many households.  I took hits, but I was fortunate enough to be OK, but many weren’t.  I had fellow business owner friends and associates struggle or lose everything.  I had friends, and some family, who would go unemployed for months on end.  It was a dark time for most people.

However, in the current economy, if someone loses their job, it’s no big deal.  This is the crux of why this economy is the best it's been in a long time and why the Democrats are in a panic.

For most people, the fear of losing everything is gone.  The fear of moving back in with their parents is gone.  The fear of never moving out of their parents’ house is gone.  New college graduates don’t have fear of not finding a job.  For business owners, the biggest nightmare would be to go work for someone else.  Once you own and run a business, it’s almost impossible to fathom working for someone else again.  The entire dynamic of the workforce is changing.

Overall, the numbers don’t matter.  They matter to people like myself who are economics wonks, but to most people the numbers and data don’t mean anything.  For years, talking heads on TV repeat “the debt” and “the deficit”, and how our “children and grandchildren will have to pay for it”, and other such cliches.  There’s no connection in real time to most people.

Easily finding a new job and not living in fear hits home.  People can touch and feel it.  It’s like the saying “If your neighbor is out of work, it’s a recession. If you’re out of work, it’s a depression”.  People realize this and don’t want to live in fear again.

The economy is in flux right now, and as good as it is and will continue to become more stable, there will be ups and downs.  To give a general example, if someone was forced out of a full-time job and had to get two part-time jobs during the Obama administration, but now quit those part-time jobs for a full time job, that’s a loss of one job.  Even though it’s a better, more stable job, that job number means nothing to that person with the new full-time job.

When you’re exorcizing a demon from someone, the person is going to thrash around a bit.  We’re still negotiating trade deals, construction of plants and infrastructure is in the early phase, home construction will ramp up to absorb the demand, banking regulations like Dodd-Frank are on the hit list, and oil drilling companies are getting ready.  There's a lot of factors in play right now, and they're all good for the workers of our country.

Voters don't want to go back to the Obama-era economy.  It's a terrifying thought.  Some of us have been around for a few years and remember booms, but the new generations who grew up under Obama are getting a taste of MAGAnomics and really like it.  At last, those college educated snowflakes can take off that Starbucks apron in the middle of a rush, throw it on the counter and yell "I quit!".

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