Quit crying about Comey. We're winning.

Posted by DC on Tue, 09/03/2019 - 16:30

I underestimated how pissed so many would be over the Department of Justice declining to prosecute the skinny-neck snake Comey over leaking his memos.  I thought people would be upset for a day and realize the case was weak and would have ended up in an acquittal victory for the coup-plotters and fake news propagandists.  I thought they would start licking their chops for all the goodies that have yet to be delivered, like Horowitz’ report, and indictments from Durham.  I was wrong.

The crying from our side has been apoplectic, and highlights an embarrassing defeatist attitude ingrained in the GOP that drives people like myself, and I’d imagine the President, crazy.  This loser, defeatist attitude is not the new GOP and certainly is not an attitude of true conservatives and Trump supporters.

One of President Trump’s best qualities is his limitless well of fight energy.  When the Chinese-controlled fake news media, politicians, Pedo-wood, and the anti-Trumpers circle around Trump and attempt to close in on him, they ultimately realize he has them surrounded.  At every turn, President Trump outwits, outsmarts, and never gives up against the immense forces against him.  Neither should you.

This crying over Comey is not the behavior of winners.  We're winning even if we have to drag you kicking and screaming to victory, but we'd rather you walk side-by-side with us.

The fact is President Trump and his team are in control.  If they weren't, Hillary would have won.  If they weren't in control, Trump would have already been impeached.  We wouldn't have two Supreme Court Justices in place, tax cuts would not have passed, and we'd still have a bench of RINOs like Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, and Bob Corker.  All of the coup-plotters would still be at the FBI, and we'd have no idea about the depths of the illegal spying.

Here’s the reality about Comey: it would have been a very difficult case to prove and would have very likely ended in an acquittal.  For all of Comey’s sliminess, he’s very smart and was able to create enough of a smokescreen to slither out of getting in trouble for leaking classified materials (even though the report shows he lied and made his intent clear).

Attorney General Barr made the right decision to not go for a prosecution over the leaked memos.

Before this “investigation of the investigators” is over, there will undoubtedly be many cases of misconduct that warrant criminal prosecution. Comey’s, however, was not one of them.

What Comey did -- release private memos made in the course of his employment as FBI director to politically damage the president of the United States, who had just fired him for unrelated misconduct -- was absolutely outrageous, and totally unbecoming of the leader of this country’s premier criminal investigatory agency. It speaks volumes about Comey’s corrupt character and further illustrates why both President Trump and then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein concluded that Comey was no longer fit to serve in that role.

In this case, however, even that deplorable conduct did not rise to the level that was possible to prosecute criminally. The career prosecutors assigned to the case told Fox News that this “wasn’t a close call,” and I can see why. The confidential nature of the memos was too ambiguous. The intent element was too hard to prove.

Attorney General Barr made the right call. This would have been the first major charging decision of this investigation, which is not the time to go all in on a “maybe” case. To do so would create exactly the appearance of political vindictiveness and retributivist prosecution he is working so hard to dispel.

Think about the scenario if, several years down the road once this got to trial, how it would look if Comey was acquitted?  Why give the enemy a perceived win?  Why not go for the more likely prosecutions for the more serious crimes?



I think people understand this, but they’re just frustrated with the timeline.  The crybabies think these investigations should be much quicker, even with the size and scope of corruption that encompasses multiple countries and foreign intelligence agencies.  They think this should have already been wrapped up, even during the coup attempt, via the special counsel, that took over two years and officially completed only a few months ago.

They like to blame Jeff Sessions.  They think he shouldn't have recused himself, even though McCabe and the coup-plotters targeted him with an investigation.  Sessions couldn't have been in charge of an investigation of those who investigated him.  The crybabies don't understand or care about how this would be a major conflict of interest.

Meanwhile, Michael Horowitz' FISA investigations have been ongoing, and his report is expected in SeptemberJohn Huber has been investigating the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.  Haven't you heard about his progress?  Of course not -- Sessions plugged the DoJ leaks.


It took time to plug leaks and install federal judges.

While the "nothing's happening" crybabies were crying about Sessions as he was plugging leaks (something the Clintons have relied on for decades), which was a critical task that took time, President Trump was appointing federal judges.  With leftist and Obama appointed federal judges running the courts, how many cases that would have been brought by Sessions or Barr would have been tossed or hampered?  The prosecutors should be fighting the defense attorneys, not radical Obama-appointed judges.

To plug leaks, perform clean unencumbered investigations, and appoint federal judges who aren't compromised, that takes time.  These are a lot of judges, and the Senate has to confirm them.  I don't subscribe to the narrative that things are taking too long; things are moving along at just the right pace.

We're winning and moving the judicial and justice system to an environment that can put criminals away.


Investigations take time.

For example: former California State Senator Leland Yee.  Yee was indicted on corruption, gun running (of course he was a big gun-control proponent and received an award from the Brady Campaign), and other crimes in March of 2014; he pleaded guilty and was sentenced in February of 2016.  That’s two years from his indictment to where he was traded nightly for cigarettes.

How long was the investigation?  How many wire-taps, interviews, stakeouts, confidential informants, warrants for bank records, and methods law enforcement uses to bust a criminal enterprise?  When did the investigations into Yee begin?  I can guarantee, it was longer than two years, and unlike Sessions' case, the criminals weren’t investigating the feds before the feds investigated them.

The size of Yee’s corruption and gun trafficking ring compared to the scope of Clinton-Obama criminal enterprise is like comparing a few kids conspiring to toilet-paper a neighbor’s house versus the take down of the Gambino crime family.


Manafort, Gates, Page, Papadopoulos, Butina, and Flynn are not bad for Trump; they're bad for Obama, the Clintons, and coup-plotters.

Justice is working itself out just fine.  Manafort and Gates are a major problem for the Clintons.  Gates testified that he told Vin Webber and Tony Podesta that their think tank was a front for the Ukraine government.

Carter Page is a problem for the FBI.  Papadopoulos is a big problem for Mueller, Weissmann, Brennan, and foreign intelligence agencies, and even has $10k in traceable bills used to frame him.  I can't wait to see from where those bills originated.

Patrick Byrne went public with his part in the Spygate coup, which involved Maria Butina, and also involves Strzok directly.

Michael Flynn's attorney just fired a flaming arrow into the heart of the coup-plotter dragon.  Strzok was buddies with Judge Contreras, or "Rudy" as he referred to him continuously in his text messages, and anticipated the case would be handled by him.  Since the Trump team is in control, Contreras stepped down and somehow the case was handed to Judge Sullivan, who has gone against the government for prosecutorial misconduct in the Ted Stevens case.

These would-be pawns for the coup-plotters are going to put them away in the end.  The irony.


The fake news media has been falling apart.

Are you not enjoying the meltdown of the media over Spygate?  I thought the walls were closing in?



Instead, they're getting entangled in their lies.  Jake Tapper was caught in a big one today:




At every turn, the walls really are closing in on the coup-plotters.  It's so bad, they have to go back to the Stormy Daniels well, but without CNN's pride, joy, and presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti.


Justice will be served.

Why are you in a hurry?  What's the urgency?  The thought of impeachment is more ridiculous than it was before.  Arrests are coming and there's tons of sealed indictments.  The reality is the draining of the swamp is going to take years, and will continue after Trump is out of office.  Accept that and embrace it.

The changes Trump is putting in place are long lasting, and that includes cutting off the deep-state funding mechanisms, like Planned Parenthood, the Iran Deal, Paris Accord, and other such Marxist slush-fund scams that finance corruption.  Blackmail mechanisms, like Jefferey Epstein and NXVIM, and other Clinton associates that control political influence are being rooted out, and the largest negative influence on our country, China, is being sent back to their rightful place of third-world status.

The big picture is far beyond a few leaked memos by Comey.  I know Spygate and the Clinton criminal enterprise stories are massive and it's a lot to follow and track, but understand that throwing Clinton and a few coup-plotters in jail will not clean out the deep-state swamp.  That will happen, but that's not the ultimate goal.

The goal is to take back our government and country from the hands of a few controlling criminals.  Then-candidate Trump perfectly summarized what's happening right now:



The wheels of justice grind slowly, so you might as well grab a Kleenex, wipe away your tears about Comey's memos, and enjoy these moments in our history.


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