Protest. Riot. What’s In a Word?

Posted by The Boo Man on Fri, 06/10/2016 - 08:39

"Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot." said  some idiot from Vox. We all know Vox. It’s the website liberal and part time Rachel Maddow impersonator Ezra Klein invented to be even more partisan. How times have changed. A few years ago the media was apoplectic if one person in a sea of a thousand Tea Party protesters said something stupid. This is some tasty hypocrisy.

Fast forward a few election cycles. By election cycles I mean democrat massacres. By massacres I don’t mean law abiding citizens using machine guns and grenades to kill liberals. By killing I don’t mean abortion. (this micro aggression PC stuff is exhausting). The left is rioting all over the place because Donald Trump says things they don’t like. This triggering thing is getting serious. First it was safe spaces. Now it’s rioting.

For some reason it’s okay now. Why is that? Why do the protesters no longer have a name? For nearly eight years all protesters on the right were called Tea Party. Now the left are just protesters. But protesters with a difference. First off they are rioting not protesting. That’s kind of key. The Tea Party never broke any windows or pelted people with eggs. Secondly they can’t seem to articulate why they are rioting. They know the word Trump but not much else. The Tea Party protested by assembling in Washington. The left is physically assaulting people because of words. When was the last time a conservative set a car on fire because a liberal said something he didn’t like? It doesn’t happen. Conservatives rarely protest and when they do it’s on weekends when they aren’t at work. Liberals seem to have the time to riot any day of the week for any reason. Real or imagined.

Of course they don’t always riot. Often they just yell. They like to shout down people they were not able to prevent speaking. Liberals use the first amendment to deny others their first amendment rights. Clever huh. And if you deny them the right to deny others their first amendment rights they get offended and run to their safe space. A place full of equally stunned liberals devastated because someone said the word ‘responsibility’ or ‘caucasian’. The media doesn’t cover these ‘protests’ which are happening on college campuses all over the country. I assume it’s because they are busy convalescing in their own safe space because they interviewed Donald Trump. I sort of yearn for the old days when leftists simply lied about the Tea Party rather than fall apart into a puddle of offended tears. Well not all of them are that fragile.

Back to the riots.

Are democrats stupid? Well obviously yes but that’s not the point really. Apparently these clowns are angry because they believe Donald Trump has painted Mexicans as criminals. So to show up Trump they riot outside Trump Rallies and commit multiple felonies while waving the Mexican flag. And we’re the dumb ones?

Conservative protests and Liberal protests do in fact have something in common. Neither one calls for police intervention. In the conservative’s case the cops have no need to get involved. The protesters are peaceful and actually leave the grounds in better condition than when they arrived. With the left the cops are simply told to stand down while the town they have sworn to protect burns. All because a man said some mean things. Yes there were some confederate flags at Tea Party rallies (I hope the word confederate hasn’t triggered anybody) but none were waved while crimes were being committed.

There’s quite a difference between the two ideologies and one of them (the one always going on about the non-existent rape culture) embraces violence from a position they view as moral. The Tea Party never had that luxury. They didn’t need it. The right always wins when the left displays its true colors.

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