The Problem With Socialism is Ignorance

Posted by The Boo Man on Sun, 07/22/2018 - 13:44

Anyone heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Of course you have, You didn't have a choice. Every news outlet is gushing over her because she won an election in the democrat party and is under 75 years old. She also exudes the personality Barack Obama had before he became president. Positive, energetic and purposeful. She also openly campaigns for the policies most democrats want but don't have the goolies to publicly demand. Aside from being pleasing to look at and listen to she is a younger version of Bernie Sanders.

That is the problem.

Ms. Lenin Cortez blew a softball interview with NPR so badly that no one remembers Dan Quayle. It's actually resonating within the leftist media because she couldn't coherently answer questions about economics and foreign relations. Now some defend her saying she's young and "new to politics". The problem with that is according to Ms Lenin Cortez she has degrees in economics and foreign relations from Brown university. She answers questions with bumper sticker quotes and the usual progressive tropes. drones on about the usual socialist laundry list of free everything and then cannot explain how to pay for it or implement it.

Lets rewind to 2016. Bernie Sanders was at least 198 years old at the time. He was interviewed by the editorial board of the NY Daily News. His lack of knowledge was so bad he made Lenin-Cortez seem brilliant. What did he do? He spoke in Bumper stickers and when challenged for specifics could not assemble a coherent message. How could he? He doesn't know anything. He never learned or desired to.

Alexandria Lenin-Cortez is Bernie Sanders and every other Socialist at age 28, 38 and 78. They don't know, they don't care to know. They eat up an emotional rant about the downtrodden and the rage about those that have more than them. Socialists and communists today are people with no drive. They are lazy and bitter because their laziness does not earn them a fat paycheck. They blame everyone else for their misfortunes but their own refusal to work hard. Or work at all. They go through life angry because they have to work and don't know why. They don't have everything they want because of rich people.
Alexandria Lenin-Cortez Will probably spend the rest of her life on the taxpayer's dime. She doesn't have a choice. She will eat up all the attention and enjoy all the opportunities to espouse Socialism but she will accomplish nothing. That won't matter, all the attention will make up for the lack of knowledge. Slogans get more mileage than knowledge.

Socialism never works. Cortez and company are completely ignorant to that fact. They say it can work if done correctly but they can never articulate how to do it correctly.  Neither can her octogenarian future, Bernie Sanders. What a coincidence!
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