President Trump's brilliant tactical approach vs Wallace and Biden

Posted by DC on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 07:10

This went as anticipated, where Biden would be coddled like a little baby bird by Wallace who tried valiantly to protect him from rebuttals and topics like Hunter Biden from predator alpha-Eagle Trump.  Instead, Trump twisted off both their heads and took them back to the White House to be mounted in the Oval Office.

The debate was panned by the leftists and pearl-clutching never-Trump clowns, but that's because they're the losers.  Americans loved it because predator alpha-Eagle swooped in and snatched up this swamp rat that's been in office for many decades.  Here's a few quick points (I'll update any I forgot):

Trump got Biden to distance from his communist base by:

  • getting Biden to denounce the Green New Deal (even though it’s on his website)
  • getting Biden to denounce Medicare-for-All
  • getting Biden to NOT admit he’d pack the court
  • getting Biden to say he’s AGAINST de-funding police

Trump got Biden to distance from Americans by:

  • getting Biden to talk about raising taxes
  • getting Biden to push an insane “green energy” plan
  • getting Biden to say AntiFa is an "idea"
  • getting Biden to NOT denounce AntiFa
  • getting Biden to NOT endorse “law and order”
  • getting Biden to NOT be able to name a single law enforcement endorsement
  • getting Biden to oppose opening the country
  • getting Biden to admit he’d raise taxes
  • getting Biden to lie about Hunter Biden getting paid by Russia
  • highlighting the “fine people” lie
  • highlighted Biden’s “super-predators” remarks about blacks
  • highlighted Biden’s crime bill
  • highlighted Biden’s role in the coup regarding the Logan act
  • highlighted Biden’s quid-pro-quo with Ukraine on tape
  • highlighted critical race theory

Biden has never been challenged on Ukraine, Hunter, and other such third-rail topics of D.C.  It was bad for Wallace, and I haven't found a single source that said he did a good job.  Leftists didn't like him not being able to control the President, and Americans didn't like him trying to debate Trump, which he literally was trying to do:



Trump was aggressive and in alpha-mode, which was a brilliant and necessary approach.  Why?  Because it threw Wallace and Biden out of their rhythms.  They had somewhat of a plan, but with Trump biting down on points, giving immediate aggressive rebuttals while keeping his foot on the gas, he forced Wallace and Biden to expend energy and stay out of sync.

When you’re in the national spotlight, with lights, pressure, and travel, it zaps your energy, especially at Biden’s age.  Trump has the benefit of hitting fastballs all day from a hostile press and dancing on his feet while Biden hasn’t seen sunlight, or sundown, in months.

Trump's naturally ridiculous high energy is a strength.  His command of facts and understanding the hot-button issues of the American People, because he somehow has his finger directly on the pulse of America, is another major advantage.  Biden, on the other hand, had to wear a wire:


(Tweet deleted by commies at Twitter)


Along those lines, was Biden wearing smart contacts?  It's a real thing.  I thought Biden was looking at his podium and reading during the debate; looks like that's exactly what happened.

Biden is slow, and tonight he was clearly on some performance-enhancing drug to improve his cognitive ability.  He was on borrowed time with his medication, and with Trump keeping his foot on the gas, it wore down Biden’s mental stamina.

I can guarantee that this debate took everything Biden had and he’ll be recovering for days.  Young people won't understand this point.

Here’s another observation of Trump’s tactical approach, which I noticed early; what Wallace wanted was for a question, then a clean unabated response, then control back to Wallace who’d transition by either ignoring the context of the response or calmly giving another unrelated question to the other candidate.

This approach would burn up some time, slow down the pace, and make Wallace’s job easier, as well as Biden’s.

What Trump did was instantly rebut Joe without giving Wallace a chance to control the transitions.  Trump kept control from Wallace, forcing him to spend energy taking it back.  This chaos injected by Trump resulted in the appearance that Wallace was debating with the President as he (Trump) was in the middle of making a point.  Wallace was interjecting himself into the debate, but Trump pulled him in a lot under his (Trump’s) control.



Another tactic was jabbing Biden while he was speaking.  Metaphorically, Wallace wanted Biden to be able to stand on one leg unchallenged while balancing a cup on his forehead.  Instead, Trump circled him and kept poking him to knock him off balance.  Biden can't withstand this relentless agitation.  When he was forced to focus and ignore Trump, it continued to zap his mental energy.

I am in awe of Trump's ability to control a situation like this and exploit the weaknesses of his opponents in real time.  Wallace wanted a calm and orderly process; Trump induced chaos.  Biden wanted to be able to get his answers formulated and parroted out from whomever was feeding him; Trump poked and agitated him the entire time.  Wallace wanted control; Trump took it.  Biden's feeders wanted Biden to parrot lies unabated; Trump interrupted with corrections.  Wallace nor Biden could get on track.

For those who were turned off by alpha-Eagle Trump, what does it look like when the weak candidate and the moderator tag-team to control the debate?  Let's flash back to Candy Crowley in the 2012 debate between weakling Romney and even weaker Hussein Obama.  Romney was actually right in this exchange, but it would have made Hussein look very bad, so Crowley put down her turkey-leg and came to his rescue:



I've referenced countless times that exchange from 2012 and how Trump would have cracked both their heads together.  After the debate last night you can see what I mean; can you imagine Trump letting that happen?  If you could before, you surely can't after last night.  If you're weak and don't assume control from these swamp rats, they will lie and slander you to millions of people (Crowley admitted she was wrong after the debate when viewers were no longer tuned in).

Wallace extracted almost no information from Biden.  Instead, it was Trump who got Biden to denounce the “Green New Deal”; it was Trump who repeatedly prompted Biden to support “law and order” while Biden refused.  It was Trump who forced Biden to answer about Hunter's payments from Russia.  It was Trump who asked Biden to name a single law enforcement organization who’s endorsed him, where Biden just completely froze (his feeders had no answer to feed him).



Wallace tried to prevent President Trump from hitting these points the entire night.

It was Trump who brought up Biden’s role in the coup attempt, when he (Biden) came up with the idea for the Logan act against General Flynn; this was a rebuttal on Biden saying Trump wouldn’t have a clean transition if he left office.  The President hammers on Biden's hypocrisy:



Most of you have no idea about the potential #ObamaGate nuclear bomb that the President dropped here, but I'll try to cover it in another article.  (hint: it's related to the document dropped by DNI Ratcliffe today).

It was Trump who got Biden to alienate his radical base by getting him to oppose Medicare-for-All, not answer about packing the courts, not endorse AOC’s Green New Deal, and opposes de-funding police.  A lot of money dried up for Biden tonight.

Trump had an hour and a half of the attention of millions of people who won’t tune in until the next debate; if he allowed Wallace to control the evening, none of these issues would have been raised and millions of people would have never heard of them.  That’s why the President had to dominate the debate.

Wallace wanted no part of these issues.  Here are some clips in random order; Biden trying to slither away over Hunter Biden:



Here's a zinger on Biden's tiny crowds:



Wallace tries to toss a softball to Biden about calling any of the Democrat Governors to ask them to stop the riots.  Biden's answer was really bad, especially for a former Vice President who's been in government for almost fifty years:



This was an excellent clip by President Trump about opening up the states:



Don't worry Joe.  I'm sure you have the Latino commu.... oh, wait... what?



For the next debate, the Biden feeders will expect an aggressive Trump.  However, the President will likely shift to a completely different pace and tactic.  Biden will come out swinging, but the President will simply step aside and let him fall on his face.  Or, who knows what Trump's plan will be, but I know for certain they won't see it coming.

Here's the full "debate":



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