President-elect Clinton continues to pwn the GOP

Posted by DC on Tue, 10/04/2016 - 16:21

Thinking back to a few years ago, I would chuckle at the thought of Hillary having any shot of being nominated by the Democrat Party.  I figured she'd get kicked to the curb, like if Jeb tried to run (remember him?).  The Democrat party was dead with a DNR order.  They ran a goofball who kept showing off his abs and kept jumping on surf boards for a Jack Kennedy moment, a short guy with an abnormally large head, and a Communist who was born in 1893.  In the end, "Weekend at Hillary's" is one step closer to measuring the White House drapes.

Every morning I wake up and punch myself in the nads in case this is all just a bad dream.  I figure the best case is I'll wake up with nominee Cruz floating Col. West for Secretary of Defense while Reince Priebus checks into an alcoholic treatment center.  Worst case, this isn't a dream and the pain momentarily distracts me from the fear of the upcoming Hillary Clinton administration and actually prepares me for what it will feel like during her reign of terror.

Trump supporters had this delusion that Trump was a winner and would take down Hillary, get elected, and build a wall and restore our economy.  It sounds even more hilarious in hindsight, but they really, really believed it.  Instead, she recently moved ahead in 7 of 11 battleground states.

Hillary destroyed Donald in the first debate last week.  She delivered nothing, but didn't need to.  She simply set little traps for Donald regarding his taxes, which has now completely tangled him up in the media, and she delivered a direct hit with a former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.  It's clear she knew Donald couldn't resist taking the bait, and boy was she was right.  He also thought painting Hillary as an adulterer was a winning move.  His supporters seem to love such deft political strategy.  Why isn't it winning?

His tax returns from 20 years ago were "leaked", putting his business incompetence on display, prompting Trump supporters to spin his paying less in taxes via incompetence as brilliance.  You see, he is a "genius" for losing $915mm.  Seriously.  Still, we don't even know why or how he took those losses.  Did he participate in some tax shelter scheme?  Who knows.  All we know is he still is scared to death to be transparent.  Another fail, Trumpers.

In the debate, he had so many opportunities to shred Hillary.  Benghazi.  Emails and security.  Free market.  The Clinton Foundation.  She's a treasure trove of dirt, scandals, and failures, and yet he didn't even touch her.  He flopped hard.  Meanwhile, Hillary enjoys a nice post-debate bounce.

From my perspective, the biggest tragedy from Trump's flop was his inability to use the global stage to display and articulate free market capitalism while juxtaposed with a Marxist candidate.  Instead, the Marxist narrative is driving the tax story.

Ted Cruz would have been very cordial while making her look like the brain-dead idiot she is.  He would have taken her into deep waters on the issues while educating the viewers.  Instead, Trump supporters wanted someone who says he's smart instead of someone smart.  The debate stage is where you're supposed to look smarter and more Presidential than your opponent, not the other way around.  Sadly, Trump supporters don't understand that Trump flopped, declaring victory for his laughable performance.  Hillary could have had another seizure during the debate and still won.

To cap off the Trump clown show for the week, they are left clinging to Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and Julian Assange.  Instead of calling out Donald's debate disaster, they cling to debate rigging.  Early this morning, we were supposed to get a campaign-ending document dump from Wikileaks.  The Trump supporters were giddy with pregnant anticipation that Hillary was going to get demolished once and for all.  Instead, Assange kicked off a 10th-anniversary show and rambled about where he intends to take Wikileaks for the next 10 years, leaving the Trump supporters high and dry.  Watching Jones have a meltdown was hilarious, I must say.

Trump supporters need to understand, even with a bunch of dumped documents, it doesn't matter.  Like Trump supporters, Hillary supporters are not very bright.  Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still retain his support.  Well, the same goes for Hillary.  She has evaded and stayed out of jail for decades and that isn't going to change now.

Another great week, Trump supporters.  Your plan to elect Hillary is almost complete.

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