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Posted by DC on Tue, 11/20/2018 - 16:32

As this site has been up for almost two years, we're getting ready to make a few changes.  Not only are we upgrading to a more modern look and feel, we're going to be bringing in some new writers and content creators.

One thing we've found with even a basic site like this where we post at our leisure is it takes time to put an article together.  That's fine if we weren't getting many visitors, but even with our infrequent posting we get a good clip of visitors.  Therefore, it makes sense to take it up a notch and throttle up the content output.  The more content we post, the more traffic we get.

We're not beholden to social media or any external influences, so we can do what we want.  Our growth trend has been without the help of the "tech" giants, so we think we can grow utilizing a diversified integration of social media services (sorry, no Facebook), and media in general like memes and videos not only from YouTube, but also BitChute, D-Tube, Twitter, Gab (who now has an API), and others we can take advantage of.  I heard of a new platform called "Trump Town".  I know Kim Dotcom is building a new platform to compete with Twitter.  This is a great time for the decentralization of news and content distribution as competition is springing up, and I can't imagine it will stop anytime soon.  We're entering into a post-Facebook era, where new service developers will know what works, what doesn't, and how to do it better.

We're not looking to become the next Daily Caller or Breitbart, but we have a lot of experience as long time conservatives and have a lot of stuff to write about.  Most importantly, we get readers when we do post.  When we barely promote an article, we get a bunch of views and engagement; not as much as the big sites, but much more than we thought we would.

There's been an incredible media shift over the past few years, post-Trump, and many traditional thoughts and conventions have been thrown out the window.  For example, we have a President who will bitch-slap you on Twitter if you talk shit to him.  That may or may not be your cup of tea, but a loser like Mitt Romney, for example, would stay buttoned up, distinguished, and continue to lose and hand us off the the Marxists and globalists, allowing them to control the narrative on all issues.  We're in a different world where it's us pro-Americans versus them, and the information is decentralized and can be delivered to the masses in many ways.

We have a lot to write about and have a lot of opinion and ideas, so the new platform will make content creation easier and allow us to bring on other creators.  We expect to be ported over in the next few weeks, so we hope to see you around.

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