The Parscale incident was an opportunity to gather Trump campaign materials

Posted by DC on Mon, 09/28/2020 - 21:12

This is my opinion with what appear to be facts as we know it, but it’s an evolving story. However, one thing I will take to the bank: the Democrats now have any campaign materials that were found in Parscale’s office.

After seeing the video of the incident and hearing they entered the house to seize weapons, it was obvious to me what was happening.

For the record, I don’t buy that he was beating his wife.  Maybe he grabbed her arm, or maybe they like it rough in the bedroom; I have no idea.  It’s Broward County, so they’ll probably turn him into Ike Turner in the end.

I don’t believe the allegation of suicidal tendencies; that’s fake news until proven otherwise.  The Parscale-haters are convinced he was suicidal because of a title change on his business card.  That’s the least believable accusation of this entire incident.

I never believed he was the real campaign manager, as deception is SOP for Trump.  He was making a ton of money, and has a strong credibility regarding digital campaign strategies, and even more valuable because of his access to Trump, current and post-presidency.  He could write his ticket with any well-funded GOP campaign in the future, and he owns his company, i.e. he’s not tied to Trump’s campaign for life.

The weapons in the house is a non-story in Florida.  That's like finding sunscreen and beach towels in his bathroom closet.

He may be stressed, but certainly not suicidal. As someone who’s created and run businesses with high stakes, I completely understand the stress part, but surely not suicide.

The issue is that being the President’s digital campaign manager, he likely had campaign materials and data on his laptop and any electronic devices in his office.  They likely stole real polling data, voter information, usernames and passwords, and all kinds of juicy stuff that the Democrats would love to have in their possession.

If there’s one thing I’m furious about regarding Parscale, it’s why a Trump team member would live in Broward County.  That area is deep-state ground-zero, and operatives there would do anything to hurt the President.

My only hope is electronic data was strongly encrypted and unbreakable, and any documents in his office were dummy documents.  If I were in the campaign, I would consider such operational security tactics mandatory.  Deep down, I think this was the case, but I’ll assume they obtained some valuable data.

The video released today clearly shows Parscale was no threat and was tackled for no reason.  Contrary to the fake news narrative, he was not “barricaded” in his home, like he had the doors blocked off with chairs and a shotgun to his head in the bathroom crying with “Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole” blasting on the speakers with empty beer cans and pizza boxes scattered everywhere.

Instead, he was calm and sitting on his porch with his shirt off and a Sunday afternoon beverage, which makes me think there’s a more nefarious plot afoot.

The narrative has already been proven false, so assess accordingly.


UPDATE 9-29 17:55 EDT: - I should have made this more clear, but I don't necessarily think they took physical devices. They could have cloned drives, copied data to a FOB, etc.  A single rouge agent could have copied his office WiFi password, planted bugs, gained access to wifey's iPhone, and a million other scenarios I can think of that don't involve physically taking devices.  Infect me with TDS and give me 20 minutes in that house and I guarantee I'd own the Trump campaign.


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