Orlando Reveals the True Distinction Between the Right and Left

Posted by The Boo Man on Mon, 06/27/2016 - 08:32

A really disgusting thing happened recently. Democrats leaped to the defense of Muslims, trashed Christians repeatedly and used dead bodies to further their quest to disarm Americans and actually fund raised off those dead Americans.

Oh yeah, forty-nine Americans were slaughtered in a nightclub.

Once again innocent people were killed on american soil. Once again the Barry administration played it down and once again the democrats (with the help of Barry) hijacked a heartbreaking situation to demonize anyone who does not follow their doctrine and advance their vision of a second amendment free country.

However the devil is in the details.

The details being those slaughtered. The evil people on the right rallied to their defense. Their sexuality didn’t matter. It still doesn’t. People died and we cared. We hurt. This shouldn't happen in America even though we know why it does. Islam and Liberalism.

Liberalism. Just a bunch of angry, arrogant, confused, cowards. They are angry. Angry about anything and everything. Don’t ask them why, they are not sure why and that makes them angry. But angry they are but not angry because terrorists and lunatics kill Americans. No. They are angry because they have not been able to advance an agenda of surrender while standing on the bodies of the dead. In the case of Orlando the name and religion of the terrorist must be defended….while standing on said bodies.

Arrogant. They have this view That they understand the world better than everyone else and their views will result in world peace. They laugh haughtily when anyone mentions terrorism. That only existed during the Bush administration because democrats understand people and their issues. Then they toss word salad to shore up their arrogant positions while everyone around them are being exterminated by people they are too intellectual to name. It’s all about ‘nuance’. The left has nuanced us to death. I think I would rather be shot in a nightclub. There’s less lecturing.

So our intellectual betters prefer poetry over the truth. Every few months the truth riddles the poetry with bullet holes and mass death. The left becomes temporarily confused. Why? How could this happen? They quickly console themselves with the excuse that those that are shooting people to death are just not understanding the nuance. Confusion replaced with collateral damage.

Meanwhile the gay community whom the left usually exploits have been cast aside like a spent shell casing. Why? They are number four on the liberal list of minorities to exploit.

Number one on said list are of course the blacks. They are poor, they vote democrat and they blame republicans for everything. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

Number two are...you guessed it! Muslims. They need to be defended at all costs and coddled like an angry pregnant woman. This relationship usually morphs into an abusive one. Nuance tends to get battered and raped and sometimes married (provided the women is under the age of ten). I jest of course. That doesn’t happen in the US because we have laws so they usually skip to honor killing and then run away to Pakistan.

Where would the democrats be without the poor and middle class? Election after election the lefties profess their support for the poor and middle class. Election after election nothing changes however the people they demonize the most gain the most and contribute the most. Is this why federal monetary policy never changes?

And then there are the gays. The left’s only disposable victim group. They threw the victims of the Orlando shooting under the bus faster than Barry threw his white grandmother way back when. For some reason gay people are only occasionally important to democrats. Much like condoms. As long as there is an abortion clinic nearby. The gay community was only relatively important for the first 24 hours. There were bigger fish to exploit.

Once again the democrats found some dead bodies to stand on while proselytizing about guns. The things that go bang and kill people in Chicago, Baltimore and elsewhere. This bit of verbiage isn’t about the gun issue however it is important to point out that the left’s thirst for erasing the second amendment will achieve nothing because it’s a security issue. If someone is determined to kill they will find a way. No matter how many dead gays democrats stand on.

Who exactly are the liberals trampling gays to defend? Muslims. Not necessarily radical or extremist Muslims but Muslims in general. Islam. Yeah. I’m treading dangerous ground here.

First I want to address the people that have been neutered by Islam. Lefties. I have accused these dregs of all sorts of things but not understanding English is not one of them. Why would saying radical Islam upset Muslims? By using the word radical explicitly describes who is being discussed. Saying radical Islam draws a distinction between Muslims and the Muslim terrorists.  Radical Islam means not most Muslims but the crazy ones that have an extreme view of the religion. If that upsets them then I have to question what they believe.

I’m gonna question what they believe. This won’t be popular.

The only time we hear from the ‘moderate’ Muslims is after one of their radicals slaughtered Americans. They use strong words. They denounce extremism.  They claim these radicals do not represent Islam. Then they go away until the next terrorist attack. In the meantime they do nothing. If radical Islam does not represent Islam in general why have we never witnessed imams across the country saying “you are not welcome in our mosques. You are not welcome in our communities.”? After decades of damage control after the fact one would think they would step up in the name of Islam. Assuming Islam is a peaceful religion and these non explosive Muslims don’t believe in all the blood and guts and goats, they would eventually take a stand.


They seem quite content to see the religion they love descend into mass violence and destruction, Their silence seems to point us in that direction. That pleases Barry and his party. They just love the big bearded pied piper. Millions of Muslims following the teachings of Muhammad and committing atrocities while the left makes excuses. They have been lucky up until Orlando. They never had to choose between their favorite pet victims. The choice wasn’t too agonizing though. They gamely played the gay card for twenty-four hours and then abandoned them to go into full Muslim apology mode.

For most of us this would be awkward. Defending a religion that at it’s core hates gays right after a member of that religion slaughtered 49 gay people. Not democrats. They will trample on anyone to achieve their goal of a subservient, dependent and disarmed populace. Regardless of the amount of blood spilled.

And here lies the true distinction between the right and left. The right wants to prevent this from happening again and the left wants to eliminate civil rights and protect the very people that commit these acts. To the right this was a tragedy. To the left it was an opportunity. A tool or a stepping stone. And so the debates resumed. The republicans want to stop terrorists. The democrats want to stop anyone owning a gun.

Gun laws don’t work because criminals don’t abide by laws of any kind. Whether it be guns or bombs or knives or anything else terrorists like all criminals will commit crimes if they are determined.  The issue is national security. When national security is addressed everyone benefits. When the issue is gun control the criminals benefit and the democrats summon their inner Woodstock.

Democrats chose sides. Republicans chose security, prayer and actual concern. It’s obvious who is on the side of humanity and decency.

It’s not the Woodstock folks.

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