Oh Shut Up, Barry

Posted by The Boo Man on Sat, 05/21/2016 - 20:07

I know this is racist because I’m not a liberal (anything a non liberal says that isn’t considered liberal is racist) but I am sick to death of the president lecturing me on what he thinks is morally right. I’ve had to endure nearly eight years of Barry telling me this “isn't who we are”.  As if this sheltered, lazy narcissist understands anything about America or humanity in general.

This past week the moralizer in chief lectured a friendly audience at university or two. If he wasn’t going on about racism he was reminding the future safe space occupiers that no one succeeds by hard work. It’s all about luck. Now this is a bit of a departure from Barry’s usual mantra that it’s government that makes people build things. Maybe he had Bird Flu on this particular afternoon. Regardless, he’s always explaining things to everyone as if we’re just not on his level. He needn’t worry since he is thicker than pound cake. Everyone is ahead of him. Especially those that actually contributed to the Harvard Law Review.

President soap box has used his condescending lecturing to achieve all sorts of naive policies because in the era of arrogant pajama adorned millennials strawmen are more powerful than bombs (at least when dealing with spineless, clueless republicans)  It’s all about extremes with Barry. We had to do the Iran deal to avoid a war. Who was advocating a war? Well maybe Lindsey Graham but he wants to invade everyone.

Let’s focus on domestic issues since Barry and the band all but ignored foreign policy to make America more European. One has to wonder why Bernie Sanders is so angry. Barry has the Denmark thing covered. A fat, stupid thug attacked a cop in Ferguson, Missouri. Barry lectured us about race because a white cop should have known better than to defend himself. Speaking to a Muslim group in Baltimore Barry said “questioning their places in this great country of ours ... that’s not who we are.”. As if anyone with half a brain is suggesting Muslims don’t belong. That’s why rational people use the word “radical” right before they say muslim. It differentiates the moderates from the terrorists. Barry is too stupid to realize that. Of course he doesn’t know this because he is busy disguising his ignorance with the mask of condescension.

We’re all racist if we believe cops should defend themselves against violent criminals of all colors. We’re all Islamophobic if we refer to terrorists who kill for Islam as Muslim terrorists. “This isn’t who we are.”. That’s right, Barry, we’re not racist or islamophobic. We call it as we see it. Radical Muslims killing non Muslims simply because they are non muslims. White cops shooting black criminals because said criminals made bad choices. That’s just reality, not racism.

Whether it is race relations, taxes, global warming, or men walking around naked in the women’s locker room because they happen to identify as a lady that day, this repetitive bit of flotsam looks down on us little folk because we don’t share is weird and creepy view of America. I’m rather tired of this no nothing telling me abortion is great, collecting unemployment is an achievement and America is the root of all evil in the world.


Just go away.

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