But nothing's happening? I beg to differ

Posted by DC on Thu, 04/16/2020 - 18:52

Many people are frustrated that “nothing’s happening”, as mind-blowing as that perspective is to me.  However, I don't think they appreciate the scope of the overall endeavor and the major strides that have been made.

Spygate, the treasonous coup-attempt under the massive Obamagate umbrella of crimes, is difficult for me to write about because there’s so many components and intertwining vignettes that have been ongoing daily, globally, and there’s plenty of people smarter than I, and with competing theories, who’ve written articles, Twitter threads, and books on the subject.

I watch them debate and discuss in real time, all providing official, tedious facts like testimonies, FOIA documents, official documents, reported news items, and more.  I bet I've read 90% of them, and I still get reminded almost daily of stuff I forgot, or revisit the puzzle when a new piece is made public or discovered.

Despite many people frustrated with the speed of things (I actually think things have been moving at light speed) we’re at a place where many of the deep-state, immovable pillars have indeed been removed.  I think more people should consider and appreciate this point.

First things first, please take some time to listen to this 2013 interview between Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Tim Blixeth, a (former) billionaire who discovered highly illegal activity by James Clapper and John Brennan.  Blixeth was working with Dennis Montgomery, the key player in the illegal spying endeavor (named “The Hammer”) who turned whistle-blower.  In this interview, Blixeth gives jaw-dropping accounts of what he learned.  The purpose of this meeting was to figure out how he can bring this operation to the masses and for someone in law enforcement to prosecute.

If you’re not familiar with this interview, I promise with absolute certainty your mind will be blown: 



I wanted you to listen to this interview to make the case that Trump knowingly entered an intelligence quagmire when he began his campaign and during his presidency.  Like Blixeth said, they were spying on him for years.

Once Trump was sworn in, the spy-vs-spy games kicked off between the administration and the deep-state Obama holdovers and Clinton operatives.  We not only had to clean out our own house, but we had to establish channels to allies in other countries with their own deep-states and corrupt officials.  Other countries participated in the spying and attempted coup of Trump, including Australia, Italy, and the UK.  How long do you think it should have taken the administration to get their arms around that?

The President officially kicked off the games on March 4, 2017 with this tweet:



The typical response by those frustrated is we know what they did, so let’s just arrest them.  Understand, however, that Trump is not a dictator.  He can’t go around arresting people.  The FBI handles the investigations, refers the cases to the Department of Justice, and the cases are tried in the federal courts.  That’s how it works in our country.

One thing we learned in the Mueller report is how Trump was very concerned about The Office, and how precedents may be set for future presidents.  It’s all fun and games for us if Trump turns dictator, but someday if we get another Hussein Obama usurping The Office, it’s no fun when the rabbit has the gun.  Therefore, the Trump administration had to do things constitutionally and perfectly by the book.  You should be thankful for that, and it’s certainly worth any extra time you feel the administration is taking.

The next point is crimes were being committed by the holdovers into the Trump presidency.  Do you have any appreciation for us watching them and catching them in the act of those crimes?  Won’t the evidence of those crimes make for cleaner prosecutions?  We have four or more years worth of crimes, with air-tight evidence.  Also understand how air-tight the evidence must be.

You and me are perfectly happy with these people just being thrown in a hole, but the leftist media and Democrat loyalists would scream bloody murder and call Trump a dictator for locking up “his political opponents”.  The Democrat House impeached Trump for doing literally nothing wrong; how do you think they'll react when their buddies are being rolled up?


Trump's Federal Judicial Appointments

The evidence needs to be so tight that any screaming lib will not be able to refute it, and because indictments are worthless if we can't get convictions.  How can Trump be a dictator if a jury votes to convict beyond a reasonable doubt?

How about the federal courts?  Even if the administration started rolling up the criminals from day one, what judges would oversee the trials?  Thankfully, Hussein Obama left many judicial vacancies, likely because his regime thought Hillary would fill them.

If the Trump administration began arrests when you thought they should have, the court cases would be backed up, and Obama-appointed judges would do everything under the sun to dismiss the trials, block evidence, and steer for mistrials.  Instead, while the DOJ has been going about their investigations, Trump has completely re-made the federal courts, including the appeals courts.

The Senate has confirmed just shy of two-hundred judges, including two Supreme Court Justices.  Perspective?  Trump flipped the Ninth Circuit court; let that soak in your brain.  To make this point another way, even if things moved as fast as many wanted, it wouldn’t have mattered.  Now, the courts can handle them, with fair federal judges drowning out the remaining activist judges.  How angry would you have been if cases were being tossed left and right?

Plugging the Leaks

How will the prosecutors bring convictions?  From evidence gathered by thorough and tedious investigations carried out by the investigators to the letter of the law.  How many people reading this are not happy with how many times the Clintons have skirted prosecution?  They always had the jump on the feds, tipping them off countless times over the years.

You can’t catch the bad guys carrying out a criminal act if someone from the DOJ calls them and says “my Captain told me we're going to raid the warehouse at 07:00. Make sure you get rid of the evidence before we get there”.  Throughout past administrations, leaks to the media and the criminals (but I repeat myself) were common place.  James Comey, the previous FBI Director, admitted under oath to leaking.  Then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, one of the key criminals in the coup-attempt, not only leaked, but then reamed out his subordinates for it!

The FBI can’t investigate crimes if they’re leaking more than the Chinese navy.  Therefore, one of the first tasks for the DOJ under Jeff Sessions was to flush out and plug the culture of leaks.  Please don’t gloss over this point because it’s critical: we could not get prosecutions if the bad guys know what’s happening with investigations.  The plugging of leaks has been successful.  How do we know?  Nobody knows what’s happening with the investigations beyond what nuggets Sessions or Barr legally dropped.

The fact the leaks are gone is another example of “things are happening”.

U.S. Attorney of D.C.

“What about Andrew McCabe?  He was referred to the DOJ, but they declined. No justice!”  True, McCabe was referred to the DOJ, who seemingly spiked prosecution.  Who swept the referrals under the rug?  U.S. Attorney of D.C. Jessie Liu.

Liu seemingly helped run interference for the deep-state.  Along with the McCabe referrals, she let James Wolfe scurry away with a slap on the hand for leaking the Carter Page FISA to reporter Ali Watkins.  She’s (Liu) the one who let Greg Craig, Hussein Obama’s White House Counsel, slip away by teeing up a FARA charge for Judge Amy Berman Jackson to toss but keep the lesser charge (the judge presiding over the Roger Stone trial), likely to protect the previous administration.

Obviously, Liu was a problem.

What incredibly brilliant chess move did the Trump team make to get rid of her?  They offered Liu a position in the Treasury Department as Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Crimes.  When the President put that nomination out, the deep-state probably wet themselves with glee.  First, of course, she had to resign her spot as U.S. Attorney, quickly replaced with Timothy Shea by A.G. Barr.  After the position was filled, Trump withdrew her nomination, tossing Liu to the curb.

Michael Flynn

This is one case leftists try to use against us as “Trump hangs out with criminals”, without realizing the facts of the case blows back on them.  Not only is Flynn withdrawing his plea and moving for a dismissal, but most importantly, A.G. Barr appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Flynn prosecutors!  Talk about a boomerang.

After Flynn is clear, it’s not going to be good for the deep-state criminals.  Hussein Obama was terrified of Flynn, so much so that after the election, he asked Trump not to hire him.  Flynn knows where the bodies are buried in the intelligence agencies, hence why they tried to take him down.



Swamp Draining

Remember the impeachment fiasco?  Our Ambassador to Ukraine blocked Ukraine prosecutors from contacting the DOJ.  She’s gone.  Remember the Vindman clowns?  Alex tried to modify the President’s phone call, and then leaked it; the President’s calls are highly classified.  They’re gone.  Remember the IG who coordinated with pencil-neck to manufacture a “whistle-blower”?  He was just fired.  Remember Bill Taylor?  He's gone.

A lot of FBI, DOJ, and deep-State Department criminals have been removed (except for a few who’ve flipped and cooperated), from Comey, McCabe, Page, Strzok, all the way to the attorney, Kevin Clinesmith, who modified the email confirming Carter Page was indeed working with the CIA for the purpose of a FISA renewal.

The DOJ, with our foreign partners, have been rolling up corrupt bankers and execs in droves.  Local Democrat politicians have been getting rolled up like we’re about to have the Nuremberg trials.  Democrat and Clinton-cabal untouchables like Jefferey Epstein, Keith Reniere, Ed Buck, the Seagram Wine heiresses Bronfman sisters, Mueller witness George Nader, Democrat donors, clowns like Michael Avenatti, and many others you’ve never heard of that are cogs in a major, deep-state wheel have been arrested.

To say there haven’t been arrests is simply beyond ridiculous.  Maybe guys like Brennan or McCabe have yet to be indicted, but they will.  Barr and Durham weren't going to Italy for the pasta, and we’re approaching the time frame that Barr thought Durham would be wrapping things up.

Ratcliffe and Meadows

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is the most corrupt group in Congress, chaired by Senator Richard Burr.  This group also includes Mark Warner, who was colluding over text messages with a Russian oligarch’s attorney (Waldman), and certainly “didn’t want to leave a paper trail”.  Warner doesn't like Russians, except when he's making a few million dollars with them.

Last year, Trump nominated Congressman John Ratcliffe to head the Department of National Intelligence, who essentially oversees the intelligence agencies.  John Ratcliffe is one of four people who’ve seen all the declassified documents and materials; the other three being Trey Gowdy, Bob Goodlatte (both out of office), and pencil-neck.  Ratcliffe in the DNI spot would be dangerous to the deep-state.

The SSCI wasn’t thrilled about Ratcliffe, so his nomination was withdrawn, and Trump appointed acting DNI Richard Grenell.  Not only has John Ratcliffe been re-nominated, all of a sudden out of nowhere, SSCI Chairman Burr is under investigation by the DOJ for illegal stock transactions!

Along with John Ratcliffe’s re-nomination, Congressman Mark Meadows, another key soldier in the fight against the coup-plotters, has been tapped for the President’s Chief of Staff.  This means not only has a corrupt, entrenched member of the untouchable SSCI been jammed up by the DOJ, but Trump will now be flanked in his inner circle with two of the most knowledgeable people about where the coup-attempt bodies are buried.  That's major!

Final Perspective

Here are some of those in trouble, along with others like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page:

  • Obama’s Director of the FBI, James Comey
  • Obama’s Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe
  • Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, Jim Clapper
  • Obama’s CIA Director, John Brennan
  • Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch
  • Obama’s Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates
  • Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton
  • Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice
  • Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden

Can you understand why things have to be in place?  Imagine, early on, while the coup attempt was active and the media and former FBI officials were pushing the narrative that Trump was a Russian asset, if Hussein Obama’s entire cabinet was arrested?  Really think about that, and why we needed time to catch more crimes to build the cases.  Imagine the howling from the media, and optics in general, if the entire former administration was put in handcuffs.

Now we think “duh, of course they all need to be arrested”, but again, think back to 2017 and 2018.  We know a lot more now, a lot more lies have been uncovered, and now it’s an established fact that the Obama administration spied on the incoming and current President, and Hillary Clinton and the DNC financed and manufactured a coup attempt.

You either trust President Trump or you don’t.  He’s beaten the coup attempt, impeachment, and now a seemingly radical plot to take down the economy.  He’ll beat that too, just like he’s beaten everything else thrown his way.

Trust the President and enjoy the howling from the media and leftists.  If you set a mental timetable, and it passes, then you’re only going to frustrate yourself.  It’s possible arrests don’t start happening until Trump’s second term.  If that’s the case, then great!  More crimes will be caught, more arrests of low-to-mid level players will be made, and more information about the crimes committed against the American people will be disclosed.  More patriots will be placed in critical positions, and more renegade elements will be removed from our government.

What’s happening now is not how the Hussein and Clinton criminal cabals drew it up on the whiteboard.  If you're still frustrated, at least wail until Durham is done.  I bet you're going to be happy.







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