Mid-season review of "Impeachment: American Crime Story" about the Clinton impeachment

Posted by DC on Sun, 10/17/2021 - 03:11

I planned on writing about this series, "Impeachment: American Crime Story" on FX, after watching the entire season, but I learned tonight it's not yet bingeable, as it's an ongoing show.  Nevertheless, it's pretty damn good, and I'm on the sixth episode, with four more remaining.

Like any political show about true events, I was concerned about accuracy from a leftist slant, and if the producers would try to re-write history.  It's jam-packed full of producers, but one of them is Lewinsky herself, so there's some first-hand accounting from that time and her interactions with Linda Tripp.

The show series has been centered around Tripp, with Lewinski the co-lead.  There is a leftist slant, but it's not too bad. It could have been much worse, but if you're a hard-core mean right-winger like myself, they kept on the tracks and it's palatable.

They absolutely nailed the characters in this show, especially Coulter.  If there were actual awards for how well one portrayed a real life character, Cobie Smulders wins that award, hands-down.  If you've been a political junkie over the years like I have and have seen a million interviews and talk-show spots with Coulter, you'll be blown away by Smulders' performance.

Sarah Paulson played Linda Tripp and absolutely nailed her.  If you've seen Tripp in news clips and interviews, and listened to enough of the Tripp-Lewinski tapes, Paulson gets an A+ for her portrayal.

Oddly, I thought they could have done a much better job with Lewinsky's character.  They made her too short and fat.  Lewinsky had a little meat on her bones, but looking back at old videos, she was actually kind of cute and not as chunky as I remember. I can see what flipped Bill's switch, although he was into anything within rape distance.

It's funny how a 24-year old me saw her one way, and now I'm almost 50, I see her from a completely different perspective.  Regardless, she's one of the characters that gets a low grade in terms of portrayal, but very strong acting chops by the actress Beanie Feldstein.

Clive Owen plays Slick Willie and has him down, but they could have given him a little more edge.  Clinton was notorious for having a temper, and very smart and quick, but the show waters him down I thought.

They seemed to soften the blow to Clinton (not Lewinsky's, but his reputation) by trying to somewhat make him a champion of women.  There's a scene where he names all the women he appointed to his cabinet, and I thought it was a little over the top, like the character in the show was defending the real Clinton.

The episode I finished was right after the FBI detained Lewinsky, and the day before Clinton's testimony.  Hillary's character hasn't yet made an appearance.  It will be telling if they make it sound like she was upset and disappointed by Bill, or if they stay true where she was his fixer for bimbo-eruptions.  All through the first six episodes, she's MIA.

The establishment has clearly received the green light to put Bill Clinton out to pasture, as the show includes the well known names from Clinton: Broaddrick, Willey, and Jones.

The show nailed the time period, like when Tripp wanted to take a call upstairs and told her daughter to hang up when she picks up on the other phone, and the computers, even dialing into AOL to get on the internet.

They portrayed Matt Drudge getting the scoop on the investigation and posting it on his Drudge Report newsletter, which was before he launched his aggregator.  They portrayed a younger George Conway, back when he had just one chin.

Lucianne Goldberg (mother of never-Trump rat Jonah) has a prominent role, as she's the one who convinced Tripp to record Lewinsky's calls.  The show nailed the cocktail party elitist Republican types.

The show paints the Independent Counsel as throwing spaghetti at the wall until something stuck because they couldn't nail the Clintons on their other crimes, as they shredded and killed their way out of prosecution for years.  How dare they go after someone who left a trail of rape victims in his wake and eventually handed our space technology to China.

I recommend the series, at least up to the current episode 6.  I give it 4 out of 5 p*ssy grabs.



If you do watch the series, watch this documentary "The Clinton Chronicles".  This was my first red pill decades ago, and it will give you a good point of reference for who the Clintons are.


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