Marco Rubio is not a conservative, and is our enemy

Posted by DC on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 22:40

Why do some actual conservatives, like Mark Levin, still have a soft side for Marco Rubio?  Why do they not have a seething disdain for the guy who completely lied to his voters over amnesty?  Why do they still play footsie with Cruz/Rubio fantasy ticket talk when the nomination would be locked up already by Cruz if Rubio had dropped earlier?  His attempts to smear Cruz alone were unforgivable, yet they still hold onto a dream of stuffing Rubio into a Cruz administration cabinet position.  I understand Cruz leaves the door open for a Rubio possibility, but he needs to keep it smooth with those Rubio delegates, so I'm down with the strategy, but for us conservatives and the conservative movement, it would be a step back from the gains we have been making.

At this point, we beat the GOP.  Yes, it's true.  A lot of conservatives still have Stockholm Syndrome after being held by the GOP in a basement for decades, but we now have an actual conservative, with money, about to cross the finish line for the nomination.  Why do some conservatives still have the urge to crawl out of their bedroom window and run back to the loving arms of their captures?  Letting a snake like Rubio anywhere close to Cruz would set us up for a real life story arc from a season of "24".  Cruz would always have to look over his shoulder and require an extra food taster to ensure the Marxist globalists don't get their malleable Manchurian candidate installed.  Remember the first thing Hussein Obama said he did when he got to college?  He sought out the Marxists to join with them.  Rubio, when he got to the Senate, sought out the Marxists as well.

I'm sure I don't need to rehash the Gang of Eight fiasco.  We all know how that went down.  To save face, Rubio supporters tried to cling to a lie from Rubio that he fired the kill shot for the ACA scam:

Last year, I stopped an Obamacare bailout and saved taxpayers $2.5 billion.

If you're late to the show on "risk corridors", Chris Jacobs at Conservative Review wrote a digestible part one and a part two on this issue.  Recently, UnitedHealth, the largest participant of the scam known as "the health care exchange", which is equally as ridiculous as a "carbon credit exchange", is pulling out of Georgia and Arkansas because they can't sustain the losses in those markets.  This really is big news, and is a huge casualty for the ACA scam.

Rubio's claim is not true:

But Rubio's proposals to completely repeal the health law's "risk corridors" have gone nowhere in Congress. Other Republicans who quietly worked to successfully outwit the Obama administration on the issue say Rubio is taking credit for a victory he didn't deliver.

Rubio did raise the issue early on, but he wasn't successful getting it killed.  The credit seems to be due to Jeff Sessions and Fred Upton:

But according to interviews and documents, the strategy and legal case for the spending restriction were developed over months of work involving the staffs of Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich. Upton is chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. At the time, Sessions was the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee.

They teamed up with former Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., who chaired a panel that oversees spending on health care programs.

I understand this is politics.  I don't have a problem with a nice spin, or even attempting to elevate your role in a successful maneuver, but don't outright lie about it.  As a contrast, when Cruz repeatedly brought up his fight against Rubio's Gang of Eight, he always gave credit to Sessions, "standing shoulder to shoulder" with him.  That's what a classy person does who is confident with his conservative record and credentials.  Rubio lied and tried to seize credit.  We don't want someone like that on our team.

He can be flipped too easily.  As an example, he thought it was a good idea to push for Florida to join the Marxist global warming scam back in 2007.  Amnesty?  Global Warming?  These are just two examples of Rubio's ability to support deep Marxist positions, then change on a dime to snake into office when time to run for Senate and President.  Is there any doubt to what he would do in a position of power, say eight years after a Cruz presidency if Rubio were his VP?  Of course not.  He has no conservative soul.  I know he's done, but there is still lingering support for him, and it's a shame.  Some of the same people who are on the "never Trump" movement have no problem supporting Rubio.  Ironically, there would be no such movement if not for Rubio's priority to keep his consultants' troughs full by staying in the race over helping conservatives lock up the nomination for Cruz.

Conservatives should hold Rubio in the same regard as Boston holds Bill Buckner.  Rubio is the Ray Finkle of conservatives, while his supporters will swear Ted Cruz held the laces in.  At the time of this writing, Cruz looks like he'll wrap up the nomination regardless, but for conservatives to continue to hold Rubio in some sort of conservative light makes no sense and makes me ill.  It's Trumper-esque.  Marco Rubio is a Marxist collaborator and should either join the Democrat party, or never be heard from in politics again.

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