Man in the Middle: The Importance of George Papadopoulos

Posted by DC on Sat, 06/22/2019 - 00:29

From Rex at Quodverum:



His article is a great overview of Obama's maneuvering to get a deal with Iran at any cost, and highlights why Papadopoulos was in his cross hairs.  This article brings various events of Obama's bungling in the middle east:

On May 8, George Papadopoulos tweeted the following:

Clapper is an imbecile. Not only did he outsource spying on me to the Italians/UK/Australia, and involved the CIA, he admits on CNN that it was normal. The most disturbing part of this is that I was being spied upon for ties to an American ALLY, Israel.

Many still don’t understand the importance of George Papadopoulos, in the greatest scandal in American history.

First, his role across two GOP campaigns (Ben Carson and Donald Trump) extends what we know as ‘SpyGate’, the 2015-2017 illegal spying by Obama’s goons during the 2016 GOP primaries and eventual Presidential campaign of Donald J Trump. It's likely that the Carson campaign was also being spied on, through Papadopoulos. And if Carson was being spied on, it raises the question : how many other GOP candidates were being illegally surveilled?

Second, Papadopoulos links ‘SpyGate’ to ‘ObamaGate’, a far greater scandal - Obama’s organization of the American state as an ideological weapon, including the illegal targeting and surveillance of many innocent American citizens, between at least 2010-2017. This is because Papadopoulos was working on a project Obama opposed - an Israeli-led proposal to create a natural gas pipeline, from Israel’s reserves to Europe.

A project that was in direct competition with two other natural gas pipeline projects. One was being led by Russia. And the other, which Obama supported, was

being led by who again?

Ah, yes. The mullahs in Iran.

Papadopoulos gives SpyGate an international dimension. But as you will discover, it also reveals Obama scheming against one of America’s strongest allies, Israel, to help one of America’s greatest enemies - Iran. And illegally spying on innocent American citizens, to do it.

Do you see important of Papadopoulos now? He connects SpyGate with ObamaGate.

Read on.


In the article Rex references "Project Cassandra".  Here's a link to that scandal detailed in the Politico.  It is quite stunning, and still a mystery to me as to why Obama had such a loyal dedication to the mullahs at the expense of the United States.


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