Major stories and events responsible for the Great Awakening

Posted by DC on Mon, 07/13/2020 - 11:20
  • Edward Snowden
  • Andrew Breitbart's death
  • PizzaGate and Podesta emails
  • Out of the Shadows
  • Jefferey Epstein
  • The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Britney Spears
  • The Wayfair hoax
  • BLM and AntiFa
  • Michael Flynn oath and Q-Anon
  • The Russia hoax coup-attempt
  • Impeachment of the President
  • Ukraine and the Bidens
  • Michael Flynn and Roger Stone
  • China bio-attack

To some degree, all of us live in a bubble with blind-spots to what’s happening around us, and how others absorb current events.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken note of how various stories are presenting themselves as entry points into the Great Awakening, a term coined by President Trump that refers to the masses beginning to think outside of the fake news media and realize that a cabal is taking over the planet.

I’ve come to realize there are major stories that I may or may not have heard about that are creating red pill opportunities and opening up rabbit holes to the big picture.  I’ve compiled a few which most of us may or may not be familiar, but are indeed awakening the masses.

There seems to be three main avenues that invite people to explore a new perspective: political, the fight against crimes against children, and what is commonly referred to as the “culture war”.

Up to a few months ago, my mother thought if it wasn’t reported by Lester Holt, it’s not true.  Now she’s calling me in disbelief about toppling statues, and trying to understand why these people think men can menstruate.  She’s paying attention now.

A sister of mine has a young son and is now following the pedo-insanity of our politicians and Pedowood.  Epstein was a big wake-up call for her, and the Maxwell arrest has put her into overdrive, where she’s calling and texting me news constantly.  Six months ago if it had nothing to do with the Kardashians then she wasn't interested.  Epstein and Maxwell woke her up, and now she’s following current events and heavily screening Disney movies in case they slip in pedo references.

My step-dad for decades thought the sole purpose of newspapers was the sports section and crossword puzzles, and couldn’t name the Vice President if his life depended on it.  The Democrat impeachment fiasco woke him up, and now all he does is watch OANN.  Previously, he had no idea other channels existed beyond Fox Sports and ESPN.

People I’ve known a majority of my life who’ve never spent more than two minutes collectively in an entire month following current events or assessing the political climate are now hardcore alt-news junkies outside of the fake news media.

This is just my experience (and I still left out a few) so I’ll guarantee many of you are having the same experience in your families.

Edward Snowden

I think the first major story happened a few years prior to the election in 2013.  Edward Snowden’s disclosures proved the incestuous relationship between the social media companies and the intelligence agencies, and the extent to which we’re being spied and tracked.

You may or may not be a Snowden fan, but there’s no dispute his disclosures took “we’re being spied on by intelligence agencies” kooky tin-foil hat conspiracy theory to indisputable conspiracy fact.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost seven years, so if you’re new to following news, you may not appreciate a time when it was considered insane that the government was spying and tracking American citizens in mass.

Andrew Breitbart's death

It's pretty obvious that Andrew Breitbart was murdered by someone not happy he was going after Podesta and Hussein.  Just an hour before he was supposed to release a major story that would not have been good for Hussein's re-election, he suddenly dropped dead.



I wish Breitbart were around today.




PizzaGate and Podesta emails

I won’t get into this topic, but the social media pictures on James Alefantis’ accounts, the Podestas’ artwork, and Marina Abramovic’s “artwork” alone would be enough to red pill any sane person.

If you do minimal amount of research on these items and say “oh, that’s completely normal”, then you’re the sicko.

Out of the Shadows

It seems anyone I speak with who’s now bypassing mainstream media, or now following current events period, have all seen “Out of the Shadows”.  It’s presented in a straight-up manner by someone with Hollywood credentials who’s seen that satanic underworld.

Jeffery Epstein

This was a heavy dose of red pills for many, and forced millions of people to begin the process of asking questions.

Previous popular narrative:

“Jeffery Epstein was just a money manger who who dated a few young chicks, with a fleeting association with Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.  Big deal!  Stop being a conspiracy theorist!”.

New popular narrative:

"Jeffery Epstein, a convicted billionaire pedophile, who wanted to seed the human race with his own DNA, was friends with some of the most powerful people in the world, owned a custom-made 747 that was wired from cockpit to tail, with full beds and stocked with underage sex slaves, who’s flown some of the most famous and influential people in the world, including Bill Gates, ex-president Bill Clinton (who even dropped his secret service for the flights), and Prince Andrew.

Epstein had properties all over the world, including a multi-million dollar apartment in New York City, a pedophile ranch in New Mexico, and a remote island specifically constructed to facilitate rape and horrific crimes on young children, where every square foot of the island was wired for video and sound to entrap guest politicians, Hollywood executives and actors, and world leaders as they commit these crimes to compile blackmail material for the purpose of influencing them to push legislation to monopolize power, and to influence the star-struck masses.

Then, once he’s finally captured and arrested again, he’s kept in a super-max facility where he’s monitored literally every second of the day, but somehow he was murdered with a piece of paper from a height of a few feet by someone who was able to gain access to the area where he was held while avoiding being caught on video.

Wait, you think Epstein killed himself?   Stop being a conspiracy theorist!"



The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell

Tied to Epstein, but it appears she may have been the brains behind the operation.  Who the hell is this lady that is connected to the point where she’s attending Chelsea Hubble’s wedding and sitting on the throne at Buckingham Palace?

Epstein’s death seems to have amplified the optics of Maxwell’s arrest, waking up even more people.  If she’s killed, the Earth will stop spinning.  Everyone is waiting with pregnant anticipation for her to name names.


Maxwell and Spacey on the Throne


Britney Spears

This was one I had no idea about, but my younger sisters brought this to my attention and said it’s a very big thing right now and waking a lot of people.  Apparently, Spears has no access to her money and is being controlled by the powers that be, so much so that her social media followers are communicating with her to ask her to wear colors of clothing to signal if she’s being held hostage, and she does.

They follow this to her Disney days, which takes you down that rabbit hole.

Wayfair hoax

This has proven to be a hoax in an attempt to discredit those following the pedo stories, but I’m told by some Zoomer family members that in the research of this story, everyone is stumbling onto the real Wikileaks Podesta and pizzagate emails and other such stories stories.  For example, “the pillows you purchased”.

BLM and AntiFa

It’s hard to not experience a Great Awakening when domestic terrorists are burning down your city, and when your local politicians are not only enabling them, but disbanding and eliminating your law enforcement.  The ultimate awakening is when self defense becomes a crime.

This ties in with an old interview from 1984 with a former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov who talks about how the commies infiltrate the United States.

There’s one incredibly prophetic segment that I find fascinating in the context of the masses waking up now in 2020 from the BLM-AntiFa terrorism (at the 5:00 mark):



...because a demoralization now reaches such areas where previously not even Comrade Andropov and all his experts would would even dream of such a tremendous success, most of it is done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards. As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore.

A person who was demoralized is unable to assess through information; the facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information with the authentic proof with documents, with pictures. Even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and showing him concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom when a military boot crashes his bottom, then he will understand but not before.

That's the tragic of the situation of demoralization.

The part about receiving the boot to the ass, i.e. where the reality is in your face and you have no choice but to experience it, I believe, is what people are experiencing with AntiFa-BLM and the attack on law enforcement.

People are upset because we’re seeing unabated chaos, but like Mr. Bezmenov said, people need a wake-up call.  That’s what BLM-AntiFa are doing to Americans.

What better way to get the attention of the masses than burning down their cities, attacking them, eliminating and defunding law enforcement, and criminalizing self defense?  What better way to get them learning about their state and local governments?

This item alone almost guarantees Trump a 50 state landslide.

Michael Flynn and Q-Anon

You may or may not follow Q’s drops, but there’s a lot of people who’ve been calling Q a LARP, and laughing at the notion that there’s someone in Trump’s inner-circle dropping public information to articles while providing verification proofs with images and the President’s tweets.

A recent Q post challenged readers to take the oath on social media.  These people were made fun of and ridiculed until Michael Flynn did this with his family:



The cherry on top was at the end, they all signed it with “Where we go one, we go all”, a battle cry of Q-Anon readers.  This forced many who’ve refused to acknowledge the validity of Q to either squirm while doubling-down against it, or accept there may be something there.

The Russia hoax coup-attempt

After years of listening to the media propagate the lie that Trump was a Russian agent and colluded with Putin to steal the election, and how the walls were closing in daily because Mueller was going to find Russia collusion, people slowly learned it was a hoax.  After the Mueller report was released, with no collusion and no obstruction, the masses realized this was indeed a coup-attempt.

Impeachment of the President

If the original coup-attempt wasn’t bad enough, the Democrats in the House impeached the president for literally doing nothing wrong.  People who were completely clueless about politics (like my step-father) followed this story in disbelief and are now paying attention to everything daily.  He previously was a Trump voter, but now he's a Trump voter who won't shut up about politics with everyone he meets.

Ukraine and the Bidens

Tied to the impeachment coup-attempt, the world saw Joe Biden on video literally doing what Adam Schiff and the House Democrats accused the President of doing.  The world saw the President release the transcript of the phone call, proving the entire impeachment a hoax on the global stage.

The world now knows about the corruption of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Obama’s role.

Michael Flynn and Roger Stone

The insanity of the Michael Flynn trial has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he was targeted by Obama and weaponized DOJ and intelligence agencies.  The investigators and prosecutors literally made up evidence, leaked fake information to the courts, and falsified evidence to take down an innocent man.

Roger Stone was convicted on the false premise that the DNC emails were hacked by Russia, and Stone played a part in delivering the data to WikiLeaks.  The President recently commuted Stone’s sentence, placing a lot of attention on the soon-to-come appeal that will further expose corruption of the Obama administration.

The China bio-attack

People now realize the extent to which China is our enemy.  They learned how dependent we were on foreign countries for our medication, and the importance of border security.  Preppers gained new-found respect, and like the AntiFa-BLM story, leftists began to appreciate the Second Amendment.

Most important, leftists in blue states now realize how radical Democrats are, and combined with the domestic terrorism, what a Democrat-controlled government would look like.


There have been many stories and events that have awaken the masses.  One story on impeachment wakes one group of people, while another on Epstein awakens others, but it brings these diverse people of different ages and experiences to the same destination.  I’ve skipped many others, like the NXVIM cult, or the Harvey Weinstein story, because I didn't realize this would quickly turn into a Clancy novel.

Anyone who thinks Trump isn’t going to win in a landslide with all of these stories penetrating the minds of the masses needs to speak with a psychotherapist immediately.


Inauguration day


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