MAJOR election court hearing Monday in Georgia you need to know about

Posted by DC on Fri, 07/16/2021 - 16:25

There's a potential nuke of a case in Georgia on Monday at 13:30 regarding the Georgia Senate runoff from January 5th that has a very good chance to flip the Senate back to the GOP.  I'm trying not to use click-baity words in titles, so you tell me if this is a possible "nuke":



This one is different because it involves the Georgia Senators and not President Trump.  If it moves forward, clowns Stacey Abrams and RINO rat Raffensperger would be deposed, and best of all, the judge has the authority to call for a new senate election, shifting control back to the GOP.

"But DC, it will get stuffed by some Soros-owned deep-state judge! Nothing ever happens and we're all gonna' lose!!".

No.  The judge is the same one who's been handing out court wins in our favor like candy to Garland Favorito: Judge Brian Amero.

According to The Justice Society founder Mike Daugherty, who filed the lawsuit, he says they have several advantages.

The main advantage is this is a State of Georgia case regarding Georgia law specifically.  It's not about Trump, the presidential election, and nothing federal.  He says this makes it much easier to argue.

He says the case is simple: election laws were broken, therefore the January 5th runoff election was illegal.

Daugherty says the main objective for Monday is to survive motion to dismiss.  He doesn't couch his words: "If we survive motion to dismiss, the Senate flips back to red".

He says the ground paved by Favorito is a big benefit to the case, because they're stocked to the brim with evidence, and if they make it to discovery, it's game over.

In the end, Judge Amero has the authority to call for a new election.  Even better, there's recent Georgia precedent for a judge to order a new election.

Here's the interview with Mike Daugherty on John Fredericks' show (starts at 25:43):



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