Major cases and investigations you should know

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These are some investigations and cases I think are important to track.  Every day new documents are released and published, independent researchers comb through line-by-line and provide analysis, content creators write and produce podcasts and videos, and fake news diligently ignores and parrots "orange man bad".

I follow current events and news closely, and it's still overwhelming.  If it weren't for the independent researchers, journalists, and analysts crowdsourcing the news, I'd really be lost.

These cases and investigations are currently active with world-changing ramifications.  If you watch network and cable news, you likely have no idea about these.



This scandal, also known as "Obamagate" is the mother of all scandals.  The purpose of this scandal was to prevent Trump from winning the election.  The fake news refers to this as "Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election".

After he won, the plan shifted to remove him from office.  They tried to blackmail him and set him up for impeachment or a 25th Amendment play.  This was literally an attempted coup that failed, so the rats have been scurrying and turning on each other.

There were many conspirators, including the Obama DOJ, FBI, foreign intelligence services, Russians, John McCain, media, and many more.  There's simply never been anything like it, yet President Trump outsmarted them all.

There have been countless articles, videos, and even books written on this investigation, and it's still ongoing.  If you haven't been following it, you have a lot of catching up to do.  Jeff Carlson is the go-to independent analyst and the best source to begin.

Dan Bongino gave a great condensed primer on Spygate a few months back.  The timeline of his speech is still intact, even with new information.  It's a great introduction:




Clinton Server Investigation

This is far from done.  The FBI didn't investigate Hillary Clinton, despite mountains of evidence.  Even FBI General Counsel James Baker wanted to prosecute Hillary under the Espionage Act.  Her material was not only classified, some were Special Access Projects, which should not be sitting on a server in your bathroom.  Some of this data is so classified that the investigators themselves wouldn't have clearance.

Why was Hillary not prosecuted?  Then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured the FBI to not charge her after a conversation she and Bill Clinton had on a Phoenix tarmac.  If this isn't obstruction of justice, I don't know what is.

When I first learned of Hillary's private servers, I automatically knew what she was doing, and the more we know, the more my theory is supported.  Hillary was selling classified intelligence to foreign entities.

If I'm Hillary, and you're a foreign agency paying me for this material, I don't expect you to break into the U.S. government systems.  I'll take the material from where it's stored and copy it to my private server.  Then you "hack" into my server, leave a Russian footprint, and I put my hands over my cheeks and say "oh dear, I was hacked!".

If I had to choose what Hillary and Obama will go down for, I'd bet on this one.  In a Tom Clancy movie, these are the traitors that Jack Ryan busts.


Facebook is Under Criminal Investigation

It's sad times for Facebook, born as LifeLog.  Two key executives are leaving, and the feds are investigating how they sold user data to more than 150 companies.  This scandal is tied directly to Spygate.

For some reason, this doesn't get the average person's attention, but if you want to get a good feel for what this is about, I highly recommend you watch the movie "Snowden".  It's currently available on Amazon Prime.  Whether you think Edward Snowden is a hero or not, put that aside and focus on the technology.  Here's a clip:




Justin Trudeau Obstruction of Justice

In Canada, Justin Trudeau is hanging on for dear life in a major scandal that could possibly end in jail.  Canada’s then-Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould blew the whistle on the Trudeau administration for pressuring her to hand out immunity for a company (something they can do up there, called a "DPA") instead of prosecuting them.

Their media is literally paid off, but here’s a breakdown by Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant of Jody Raybould’s testimony.  It’s over an hour but dives into the weeds of the scandal:




College Admission Bribery

The reason to look out for this scandal is because like the others, it entangles a lot of elites and will potentially shake the tree for other crimes to investigate.  Even the Obamas' daughters’ tennis coach was busted.  Phil Mickelson used the advisory firm for his daughter.  A lot of big names are close to this scandal.  (There's no evidence or accusations the Obamas or Mickelson did anything wrong).



NXIVM was an international sex-trafficking cult ran by a lunatic named Keith Raniere, along with actress Allison Mack (Chloe from "Smallville"), Clinton Global Initiative member Nancy Salzman, and the Seagram heiresses Bronfman sisters.

If you search for articles on this topic, you’ll see a lot of pushback on Nancy Salzman’s connection to the Clintons, but it’s long been established.  Like any good Clinton-connected scandal, child crimes are involved.


Jeffery Epstein

Jeffery Epstein was discovered to have obtained a nice plea deal that was recently ruled illegal by Judge Kenneth Marra.  President Trump’s labor secretary was the Miami U.S. Attorney at the time, so he’s caught in the middle and has some explaining to do.

On March 19th, the case records are expected to be unsealed and opened to the public, per the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Miami Herald has been trying to have the records unsealed, but the credit goes to Mike Cernovich who initially led the way.

If you're not familiar with Jeffery Epstein, he's a real piece of work.  He's an important figure because he's tied to a lot of elites, as well as being close friends with Bill Clinton.  When you have a private jet and your own island stocked with underage sex-slaves and wired for video, you're going to entangle some important people doing some naughty things.  It will be interesting to see what names are revealed.


Florida Spa Human Trafficking

This is the investigation that entangled Robert Kraft, and apparently 200 more people to be named.  Most of these are prominent people, so look for more names and investigations to come from this.  Its timing is interesting with the Epstein documents to be released, and in the same region in Florida.


Ed Buck

This particular Clinton associate is a major Democrat donor who lives in Los Angeles.  He likes long johns, walks on the beach, and shooting up black gay prostitutes with meth until they die.  The local community has been pressuring law enforcement to investigate, but his status seems to allow him to continue killing people.

This is just one guy, but he's so connected with prominent Democrats like Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu that if he's arrested and flips, a lot of elites would go down.  A local independent journalist, Jasmyne Cannick, has been the point person for this story:



There are many others happening that you should know, but these are heating up and I believe the most important.

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