Liz Crokin's documentary on Britney Spears' unreal conservatorship: "Slave Princess"

Posted by DC on Sat, 11/13/2021 - 19:24

If you want to peek into the well of what power the deep state can wield with collaboration among government, satanic lawyers, players in the entertainment industry, and the most evil people you can imagine, with unlimited power and money who can literally take personal and financial control of a mega-pop star like Britney Spears, then watch this excellent documentary produced by Liz Crokin.

On a side note, this is an excellent example of the type of a high-quality documentary conservatives should be producing.  Very well done, Miss Crokin.  We have a few all-stars, like Amanda Milius and Dinesh D'Souza, but we have a lot of talent sitting on the bench.


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