Lin Wood has finally lost me after the slandering of Jim Hoft

Posted by DC on Wed, 12/29/2021 - 16:50

I've given Lin Wood enough rope to hang himself.  I stayed neutral and objective, even though he was running late on producing evidence that only a moron could believe without proof, but I kept saying "hey, he's one of the top defamation attorneys around, so there's no way he's putting stuff out there without being able to back it up."

The Gateway Pundit is THE ONLY major website who has no fear and jumps head-first onto the train tracks to hug the third-rail of topics absolutely verboten by D.C. and the enemies of our Republic, like the 2020 election coup or the January 6th FBI party at the Capitol Building.



Lin Wood and another clown of whom I've been growing suspect insinuated Jim Hoft is a pedophile.  Their proof to make this horrific accusation?  Hoft is gay and he's married to a young-looking guy.

Hoft is gay, yet like any gay conservative I've ever known (I'm from Atlanta, so I've known a few over the years) it's not the leading story of his day.  With gay conservatives, you can actually have conversations with them and conduct business without gay stuff coming up.

Regarding his partner, he's an adult in his 30s.  How stupid is Wood?

When Wood starting taking shots at General Flynn, the train had already left the station, but I figured he's start fading in to the abyss.

The Gateway Pundit is fearless and for conservative digital media, they're the tip of the spear.  Other big sites like Breitbart don't go after the election coup, which is the most important story of our time.  When they bring it up, they touch on the edges of it.  Not Hoft.  He treats the topic the same way a pit bull treats a ribeye.

Shame on Wood and his circle of clowns.  These idiots on their video thumbnail replaced the "A"s in "Gateway" with the pedo symbols.  I mean, who does that?  Who slanders another human being with the most horrific charge, and then try to hide behind "I'm imperfect".

I'm imperfect too, but I don't slander innocent people with "pedo", of all things.

Am I embarrassed I supported Wood originally?  No, because I had no reason to know he was this crazy.  When he slandered John Roberts and Mike Pence?  No, because even though I didn't believe it, I figured he MUST have some proof hidden away somewhere, even as time passed and produced nothing.  Going after Flynn was when I put on the brakes.

This slander against the most fearless digital publication who's a daily kick in the nuts to the deep-state was the last straw, and I now put Wood in clown status.

Shame on you Mr. Wood.  A public apology to Jim Hoft is in order.

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