Liberals Are Not Going to Get Their Republican Circus

Posted by The Boo Man on Fri, 05/06/2016 - 09:45

It never really happened. I know it sort of seemed like it did to those that follow the MSM like a strung out groupie. What was the phrase? Oh yeah. Clown Car. So what exactly made the race a circus aside from Donald Trump?

Jebbers? Hardly. He invented boring.  I mean "Inventó el aburrido". What about Rick Perry? Nah.  The most ridiculous thing about  him were his glasses. I think he wanted to be a feminine version of Rachel Maddow.  Lindsey Graham? His approach to foreign policy was a bit like a circus. Cannons and stuff but he was out before he was in and I'm not talking about his sexuality.  Oh there was Christie but he looked more like the guy eating the carnival food than the guy selling the carnival food. Jimmy Gilmore! He's the guy! Let's be honest. Trump was the clown. All by himself. At least until Rubio's last moment when he made those weird small hands comments. The only other person was Cruz and he played it straight down the line.  

They will have the convention though and the possibility of a civil war. We've been hearing about it for months. A contested convention. Delegates and stuff. I am so sick hearing about delegates. Super or otherwise. Either way the GOP was supposed to tear itself apart. There were hands rubbing together and lips smacking and liberals drenched in ecstasy at the thought of republicans shooting each other like they do in democrat controlled cities. I suppose it's better than talking about what the DNC has in store at their plantation.  However now that Ted Cruz and the self proclaimed second coming of righteousness have packed it in the left has nothing left to use to distract from the Bernie and Billary debacle. More on that in future paragraphs if you'll follow me.

Oh good you followed me. Let's continue. How is it that the third greatest queen (just behind Elizabeth and Elton John) who has was destined to be president since the day after Bill got his end away in the White House and nominated in 2008 for the 2016 election doing so poorly? For years she was the go to girl for the future of the democrat party. Mainly because she was a victim. Victimology is what the left thrives on. That is the only way they could get people to vote for them. Their policies are never really that popular. Who wants to surrender all of their freedom to the state? I mean aside from hard core democrats.

Well, she's horrible. Really horrible. Horrible in a horrible sort of way. And not necessarily horrible based on the 1990's. No. She has been cultivating all sorts of horrible since her meal ticket left the white house. What isn't horrible about this woman? She may be the only person on earth who doesn't have a natural laugh. Every time she giggles it sounds more plastic than Cher. And the voice. As children we were always worried about monsters under the bed. Now we know what they sounded like. Yeah I know I'm being petty and misogynistic. Anyone remember Sarah Palin?

Has anyone ever listened to her answer a question and not wonder if she was telling the truth? Her lying is cumpolsive and socialpathic. When not lying about the big things like compromising classified information she lies about her name and being shot at in Bosnia. It's kind of creepy. Ironically it's when she is candid that she is at her worst. How many politicians would actually say they plan on unemploying lots of people? Is she stupid? Perhaps she just doesn't care. Maybe both.

There is also Bernie Sanders. He makes Joe Biden look like Stephen Hawking. The under 30's think he's super. He's the Bon Jovi of the democrat party. And just as vapid as any 80's hair band. Now, comrade Bernie will probably take this to the convention. What else does he have going on? It's not as if he's doing anything in congress. Or anywhere. He rails against people with money because he never had the drive to make any. This isn't a clown car but a barrel whose bottom is being repeatedly scraped by  geriatric frauds and liars. Meanwhile the master of the DNC plantation (Yeah, I said it) Debbie "Jheri Curl" Schultz will lie and awkwardly obfuscate for Clinton. Self respect has never been a priority for Miss Schultz.

Clinton is under investigation by the FBI for compromising US security. Bernie Sanders is running for president because there are rich people. That's the democrat party. 8 years after Barry was elected and the democrats were declared the party of the future two geriatric Stalin wannabes, one corrupt and one simply bitter are the new face of the DNC.

Yeah, I see why they want to focus on the republicans. However now that Cruz and Kasich are out all the attention will be on the candidate that wants to put coal miners out of work or the candidate that never held a full time job until he was 40 and annoyed he had to work.

Could this be why democrat turnout is weaker than democrat's reasons for voting for democrats?

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