Leave it to the Clever People

Posted by The Boo Man on Fri, 05/13/2016 - 08:07

Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Democratic Socialist, Democrat, Whatever. It all means the same thing: Clueless people surrendering their souls to the "elites".  Every nation does it. Every nation has suffered from it but the United States has the most to lose and has been losing it in slow motion for a century.

I hate to sound partisan but yeah I'm a nasty naughty righty in the extreme. We're assholes because we believe everyone has the potential to be whatever they want to be. We also admit this world isn't perfect and there will be suffering.  There will always be suffering no matter how much the rich are taxed and demagogued.

They're a confused lot. Millions of people wondering who will lead them.  And whilst wondering they became angry(er) and decided almost everything is something to protest about. They became the first of the evolved carbon based life forms to be scared of words. It seems that evolution went a bit skewiff and gave us a generation of uber sensitive gender enthusiasts who have not only got in touch with their feelings but can't seem to function because of them.

How can we be happy? How can we survive? How can we protect ourselves, our loved ones, get jobs and buy stuff? Somewhere over the years it was decided that we need to put people not unlike ourselves in positions of superiority over us. We decided there were people other than ourselves who knew better than...ourselves.

And so we put them in office where they make decisions on every aspect of our lives. They are the "elites". What makes them elite?

Bernie Sanders for example. A congressional back bencher and professional layabout until he was elected to office. The man never earned a full time paycheck until he became mayor and has been living off the taxpayers ever since. What makes him smarter and more accomplished than pretty much anybody? And yet people are prepared to put him in a position to dictate their lives from taxes to healthcare.

Donald Trump is fine example. yes he's a business elite but does that make him capable of telling people where they can buy their health insurance? He's going to solve the problems in the middle east?

What have the elite wrought us? Trillions of dollars of debt. That's not very elite. Oh and the infrastructure. They keep raising taxes because it's crumbling but no matter how much money they squeeze us for they never get around to filling the potholes and fixing the bridges. And then they ask for more. They said they were going to fix healthcare. They made it worse. They robbed social security and gutted medicare funding. This isn't elite. It's theft and incompetence. And if it's the VA we're talking about it's murder.

I figured foreign policy deserved it's own paragraph. Syria is on fire. Iraq is once again a war zone. Palestine is still a toilet and now Libya is the newest terrorist wasteland on the block. All this brought to you by the elites. They know better and have for decades. Things are great!

Conservatives in their evil evilness think the less government the better. Let people dictate their own lives. Let the people decide their own fate. Government says "no!" You can't do that. You can't survive on your own and then they recite a litany of reasons why everyone needs government. The majority of those reasons revolve around liberals claiming anyone not liberal is suppressing them.

I think everyone should spend an afternoon watching CSPAN. Just look at the people we put in charge of our lives. We pay these people to spend a few hours a week making speeches to nobody. Nobody cares and nobody listens. But it makes them feel special. Then they wander around while votes are taken. Votes on bills they have not read. Bills that impact our lives. These "elites" aren't doing their jobs. If they aren't authoring bills and not reading bills then what exactly are they doing? Why are we paying them. Two of the presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders always talk about how they fight for the middle class, the minorities and basically anyone who isn't rich. Yet their congressional records are beyond sparse. What were they doing? Why didn't they author legislation that would do the things they are promising to do now?

We employ these people and they are the only employees in the country that actually have the authority to give themselves raises. Regardless of job performance and broken promises.

Let's consider the "conservatives" for a moment. Frauds like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. They go on and on about being conservative when they need the votes but when in safely ensconced in the elitist tree house (Alan Grayson: mascot and honorary dickhead) they prove they have no idea what conservatism is. It's basically lying on your resume and getting caught except with congress they can't be fired for it. And we put these charlatans in charge of our lives. Because they know better?

Joe Biden has been in congress since 1972. All he has done aside from saying stupid things is getting every foreign policy decision wrong and grab lots of boobs. Charlie Rangel was first elected congress in 1971. When he is not writing our tax laws he is busy not paying them. And then there is the "maverick" John McCain. He has spent what seems like an eternity campaigning as a conservative and voting as a liberal. I assume "maverick" means voting with leftists. Edgy in the extreme. Finally there is John Dingell. Won office in 1955 and spent his entire life in Congress. Rumor has it he died in office some time in the 1990's but kept showing up to work anyway to keep his free parking and dry cleaning privileges.

Now to be clear the republicans are just as much to blame because like democrats they vote for a candidate simply because of the letter after the name. That is part of the problem. However it is the left that puts unwavering loyalty behind government. Even after decades of government failure. They have absolutely no problem with the government running their lives. From diapers to diet soda. No matter what a Clinton does they are part of the elite class and should never be questioned. No matter how high the bodies pile up.

Bernie Sanders actually said government run healthcare will cost less because it will reduce bureaucracy. Think about that for a moment while the glassy eyed liberals nod in agreement.

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