Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero, and I look forward to his acquittal

Posted by DC on Thu, 10/28/2021 - 22:49

One of the highlights for me last summer was to watch Kyle Rittenhouse deliver some justice to domestic terrorists who were trying to play the Reginald Denny game with him.  Thankfully, Rittenhouse made the world a better place by converting two of the losers into worm food.

Rittenhouse takes a knee

I am confident Rittenhouse will be acquitted, not only for the obvious fact that he did nothing wrong, but because criminalizing self defense is the red line.  If someone can attack you and you're supposed to just sit there and take it, then all bets are off.

Nothing makes me happier than watching evil people seeking joy from doing harm to innocents being removed from the gene pool.

When I see video clips of armed robbers getting lit up by a store owner, or an armed innocent mother decide her family's life is more valuable than the home invader's, who 100% of the time is a repeat violent offender released by some leftist judge because the offender was raised by other criminals enabled by the same leftist policies reinforced by other leftist prosecutors and judges, then I get a warm feeling in my heart, like when I watch a puppy run up to his owner whom he hasn't seen in weeks.

I want moments like those put on Hallmark cards.

The only tragedy of this entire ordeal is what Rittenhouse has been put through by corrupt government officials.  Oh, also tragic, one of the domestic terrorists lived, although he has to wipe his ass with his left hand for the rest of his life.  I guess two out of three ain't bad.  Unlike Alec Baldwin, Rittenhouse takes firearms seriously and practices gun safety, and has only killed in self defense.

The Wisconsin election system is compromised, therefore actual criminals are in control of law enforcement.  Because those criminals have no fear of voters and are controlled by some communist outfit, Rittenhouse has not been pardoned by the governor, nor had charges dropped by prosecutors. 

Thankfully, the judge overseeing the case seems intent on giving Rittenhouse a fair trial, which in a sane world, the jury would acquit in about 5 minutes.

Once Rittenhouse is acquitted, the confidence level of the citizens will be exponentially amplified, which is never good for the violent communists.  This confidence surge will be invigorating for the moral of the country, and psychologically devastating for the enemy.  They're losing at literally every turn.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero, and he's someone you'd want to marry your daughter because you know she'll be respected and protected.  Fathers who disagree are the types who'd sit there and laugh while some pedo creep gropes their daughter.

If you're interested in the details of this case and why Rittenhouse will be acquitted, here's an EXCELLENT breakdown by Andrew Branca at Legal Insurrection.

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