Kari Lake is the real deal. I'm impressed

Posted by DC on Wed, 10/20/2021 - 19:00

I don't even know where to start with Lake, who's running for Republican Governor of Arizona.  I've been paying a little more attention to her as of late and she's proving to be the real deal for several reasons.

Trump completely changed the political game by showing up-and-coming pro-American candidates that they're popular on hot issues that consultants tell them to avoid, like baby murder, illegal immigration, etc.  They could dance around such issues to appease us bitter-clinging deplorable types, but once in office, they better take a knee to their Marxist globalist masters.

The President not only proved you can be popular running on such issues, but if you support them and push them after you're elected, you quickly approach icon status.  Governor DeSantis is a great example.

Trump exposed the incompetence and cluelessness of non-essential political consultants, and how polls are a complete joke and never to be trusted.  The media?  Trump pulled down their pants and exposed their tiny pee-pee to the entire planet.

Lake is a product of Trump's political genius.  Watch this short spot with this demonic CNN bridge troll:



First, she has the look.  She's easy on the eyes and doesn't repulse people.  That may not seem important, but it is.  Leftists continuously promote these man-beast she-males, so a good looking Republican who actually had the God-given equipment to produce children via intercourse with a male with whom she is married is always a bonus for the people.

I'm not familiar with Lake, but she's a household name in Phoenix from her career of two decades as the evening anchor on Fox affiliate Fox 10.  This gives her two major advantages.

First, the obvious, is name ID.  She's not a stranger, and everyone in Arizona knows who she is.  That's an insurmountable advantage.

Second, she knows the media inside-out.  She knows how bad the fake news is, hence why she quit to run for governor.  In the video above, she was able to navigate the CNN demon's lies and attempted entrapment and let it fall on its face.

Little things Lake did, like ask the demon "do you think Biden won", and when it answered in the affirmative, made it look absolutely ridiculous, because nobody believes Creepy won, especially when backed by the audit report.

At the end, when the demon's voice was muffled by the CCP-mandated mask, Lake just said "I can't understand you in that thing", which made Lake look like the sane person she is.  Normal Americans know what it's like to try and converse with some moron who still wears a mask while their voice is muffled and unintelligible.


These advantages are big, but they'd mean nothing if she didn't have the positions.  She's pro-Trump, American-first, and preaches from the rooftops that the election was stolen.  That alone makes me support her, but she's solid on the issues.

An important skill she possesses is the ability to communicate.  As she was humiliating the CNN demon in the video, she was communicating to those watching and listening.  Traditional politicians try to stick to their canned answers and get in and out, and if they go off script, they're in trouble.

An important skill she possesses is the ability to communicate.  As she was humiliating the CNN demon in the video, she was communicating to those watching and listening.  Traditional politicians try to stick to their canned answers, and if they go off script, they're in trouble.  Lake can communicate, with clarity, her positions to the voters.  She comes across as real and not some Manchurian bot.

I'm now a fan of Lake's.  She's not slowing down and is gaining steam, so she's the contender, especially after the endorsement from GEOTUS.

Here's her Rumble channel, and she has some excellent clips of smacking down agitators and fake news demons.  She's fun.

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