Karen Fann moved the ball into the red zone in today's hearing in Arizona

Posted by DC on Thu, 07/15/2021 - 19:15

Today's hearing in front of Senators Karen Fann and Warren Petersen was a doozie.  In a pre-final release formal setting, the people of Arizona, and the world, were dosed with the reality that Republicans in Arizona are protecting an election that was clearly a criminal operation.



One thing I wish more people would adopt is this is like a football game.  You don't score the touchdown on every play, but instead, advance the ball incrementally, over time, with information.

Keep the defense on the field and wear them down.  This creates more opportunity as the game progresses.  A few yards gained, then you lose a few.  You gain those back and more on the next play, then lose a few.  However, lately, there's been no loss of yards, and the defense is exhausted.

This is Americans vs The RINOs, and not every play is going to be a Doug Flutie 1984 hail-Mary touchdown.

On this drive, Fann hits Ben Cotton on unauthorized EMS access on a short route: 5 yards.  She steps back and drills Ken Bennett on audit security and transparency: 3 yards.  Next play, she hands off to Doug Logan for a break out run on invalid ballots: 20 yards.

Katie Hobbs' Mike Singletary (yes, I know I'm dating myself) eyes are waiting for the next play, and after the snap she thinks she has a clear path to Fann, but Wendy Rogers tracks her like a cheetah on a gazelle and lays her out with a vicious hit.



Fann completes the play to Cotton on illegal login queries: 7 yards.

Oh dear.  It looks like Hobbs' bone is sticking out of her leg, and now she's on the ground crying, screaming for Creepy and Garland to do something, but they can't help her; Creepy is eating an ice cream while watching the upcoming kickoff in Pennsylvania with Mastriano's MAGAs, and in Georgia, Raffensperger's RINOs are in a brawl on the sidelines with their own team.

Coach Soros is looking to sub Brnovitch for Hobbs, but he's hiding at the end of the bench.

On the next play, Doug Ducey tries to play chicken with Logan and say it's over and the election was secure and Creepy is your president, but Logan gives him a wicked stiff arm and knocks him on his fat ass with missing accounting of sent and received mail-out ballots: 10 yards.

We're in red zone territory, and Arizonans and the American people were served plenty of information to absorb and comprehend.




What does a touchdown look like?



The enemy needs the illusion of popularity along with the suppression of information.  They currently have neither, hence why we're this far along, with Pennsylvania and Georgia on deck.

As the information spreads among the people in Arizona, they're going to be primed for when President Trump holds his rally.  I can't imagine that Doug Ducey won't take action before then.

We still have Lindell's cyber summit in August.  Think ahead of a few more weeks of news from Georgia and Arizona, and then think of what the temperature setting will be for that event.

Just remember, it was NEVER supposed to get anywhere near this far. I'll leave you with this bit of comedy from Georgia:




Wendy Rogers‚Äč


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