Karen Fann dropped the first shoe from the Arizona audit centipede

Posted by DC on Wed, 07/14/2021 - 00:47

We are now in a situation where it's official: the vote totals in Arizona don't match the official numbers.  The President of the Arizona State Senate, Karen Fann, released this news publicly Tuesday.

As we discuss this, take into account that President Trump is holding a rally in Arizona on July 24.  One America News reports that more findings are dropping in the next 48 hours.  Oh dear Lord.

This news will be soaked up by the Arizona public over the next few weeks, and when President Trump arrives, the rally attendees will probably be brandishing pitch forks.  The political temperature in Arizona will be so hot that arrests will be the only way to keep the people at bay.

President Trump has been carpet-bombing the public consciousness with truth from his website, forcing those stuck-in-the-mud to deal with the content of his announcements.  He's been applying pressure with the Ashli Babbitt story, as well as audit news.

There's no putting this election coup genie back in the bottle.  The news is approaching a point of being impossible to ignore.  Those of you who think the audit results will just be shrugged off by the CCP media and RINO publications are not appreciating how much of a powder keg this situation is.

Calm your mind and slowly read this next sentence:

The first state is about to announce that President Trump won.

This is a fact.  Appreciate the magnitude of this.

In the business world, we have a saying: "Q: What's the fastest thing in the world?  A: Good news going through a sales rep."  The point of that joke is if your sales reps made any progress, the sales manager or owner would have heard about it.

When the Arizona results are made public, the news will spread instantly through MAGA, and it will be echoed and amplified to any living creature in our vicinity.  It will be impossible to contain, and the emotion, confidence, and motivation it will spark will be too much.

Those on our side who may not have been in the weeds of audit news and not up to speed enough to articulate on what we currently know will now have ammo to counter the libtards and RINOs in their lives.  The thoroughness of the audits will be impossible to refute.

As of today, we have a preview from an official source.  This is the beginning of the end of the RINOs and CCP conspirators.  On that note, the news yesterday from Georgia has been like a fire hose.







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