John McCain can rest in hell

Posted by DC on Wed, 03/20/2019 - 23:33

John McCain served in the military.  So did the DC sniper, Jeffery Dahmer, and David Berkowitz.  Serving in the military does not give you license to betray your country.

Senator McCain conspired with foreign actors to bring down the President of the United States.  After meeting with Andrew Wood in Canada, he sent David Kramer to meet with Christopher Steel, who introduced him to Glenn Simpson.  When Kramer returned he knowingly distributed a fake dossier to members of the media, and handed it to McCain to pass to Comey (who already had a copy).

McCain didn't look at the dossier and decide to go after FusionGPS for spreading fake intelligence data to undermine our President.  Instead, he wanted to hurt my President.

I can't believe I voted for this asshole in 2008.  Really, I voted for Palin, hoping age would be a factor.  I knew the moment he lost was when he stabbed us conservatives in the back by supporting the bailout.  Even more sad, Obama voted "present".  The Marxist was more conservative than McCain when it counted.

McCain is such an asshole that he didn't want Palin at his funeral.  Palin, who has more class than McCain ever had, said:

Today we lost an American original. Sen. John McCain was a maverick and a fighter, never afraid to stand for his beliefs. John never took the easy path in life — and through sacrifice and suffering he inspired others to serve something greater than self.

John McCain was my friend. I will remember the good times. My family and I send prayers for Cindy and the McCain family.

The world is now a better place.  And to address a NeverTrumper who has really let me down in terms of his poor character:

But continuing this fixation with John McCain reminds a lot of conservatives who sat out 2016 why they sat it out. It also makes the President look crazier than any one of the Democrats.

No, Erick.  You have convinced yourself that you have the moral superiority to continuously judge and disparage our President who has done more for our country than anyone I can remember.  Regarding 2020, McCain lost.  Romney lost.  Trump won, and he will win again because the spirit of this country is in line with him, not you.  The winners don't need the losers telling them how to win.

Since you have little character, you have no problem supporting a man who did what he did to President Trump.  You have no problem with it because you don't like him, and that bitterness you have from him shutting out your White House sources has manifested into quite a political psychosis.

I'm glad he's gone, and shame on you for complementing McCain after learning what he did while turning around and disparaging the victim who also happens to represent the majority of us.

I'm glad he's gone, and NeverTrumpers can kiss my ass.


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