James Carville's Democrat Party paradox

Posted by DC on Tue, 02/11/2020 - 07:00

After the Iowa fiasco where people who want to control entire industries of our society couldn’t figure out how to count human beings, Bill Clinton’s ex-campaign manager voiced frustration on air in an interview with Lyin’ Brian Williams (still employed in main-stream media - video below) over the state of the Democrat party and candidates.

Madeline Osburn at the Federalist compiled a few of Carville’s points that he wishes Democrats would start doing.  Sadly, for Carville, he’s an old school communist and longs for the days when Democrats would hide their positions to be electable to American voters.  Carville, who's pretty much the sage of the Democrat Party, which is like being the Mayor of Libtardia, seems genuinely confused about the state of things in today's environment.  He's not aware that the things he despises are the fruits of the Marxist seeds he spread around during his time in power.

The man who calls Donald Trump a criminal, yet managed Bill Clinton's campaign from Arkansas Governor to the White House, made these points:

Stop Talking About Issues That Don’t Matter to Voters

Carville complained how candidates spending time on the debate stage discussing issues that do not win on a national level, issues like: open borders, decriminalizing illegal immigration, banning nuclear energy, banning fracking, giving criminals and terrorists in jail the right to vote, and more distractions.

Hilarious.  These are literally some of the biggest issues in our country, and Trump ran against the liberal position of these issues and won.  Carville doesn't want the Democrats to talk about them because their positions on these issues don't fly with America.  Carville wants them to take the approach like they did in the old days by either lying about their positions, or just bury them away and tap-dance around them if it comes up.

Example, open borders leave us with no country, and no protection against invaders and the diseases they carry.  This issue just got bigger with the apparent weaponization of the coronavirus.  This issue indeed matters to voters.  Trump pounds this every chance he gets, because it's a winning issue for us, so much so that it yields overflow crowds that have their own overflow crowds at rallies.

Trump runs against Democrats on these issues and gets massive support.  Democrats talk about them and alienate themselves with the country.

Talk About Issues That Matter to Families, Working People

How do Democrats create a winning message? “By framing, repeating, and delivering a coherent, meaningful message that is relevant to people’s lives and having the political skill not to be sucked into every rabbit hole that somebody puts in front of you,” he said.

Carville praised ideas like Sen. Cory Booker’s “baby bonds plans,” which would deposit taxpayer dollars in an investment account for every child born to a low-income person, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s government child care plans as the “kind of thing the party could connect to people’s actual lives.”

Are you beginning to see the paradox?  "Don't talk about those important issues (that clearly matter) over there that generates massive support for Trump! Instead, talk about how the government can give the voters money!".  Carville, like many of the older guys, are stuck in 1980, where the factories are still shutting down in Allentown and people can't get jobs.  Trump is killing the misery they created with their trade deals and minimum-wage policies, which created the unemployment, which increased economic desperation to where more people would take handouts.

If your position is more welfare, which is what ultimately what Carville wants, then a winning economy is a loser for you.

Become a Majoritarian Party

Carville stressed that becoming a majoritarian party was critical, and going far-left with Sanders so quickly is not the path to Democrat power.

Carville talked about how America doesn't like socialism, and how they desperately want to get back into power:

Carville said the purpose of a political party is to acquire power. “Without power, nothing matters.”

More point to this paradox: they can't get back into power with their policies out in the open and can't generate support on the issues that are popular with Americans.  Their only hope to re-acquiring power is welfare policies, which doesn't work when the economy is hot.

Don’t Patronize the Middle of the Country

Carville warned that the smug, urbanist mindset was causing candidates to be distracted by the wrong issues and to lose connection with people in the South and the middle of the country.

You'd think this would be the easiest, but it's actually impossible.  If you're advocating for top-down authoritarian control, to which you would never subject yourself, you’re not going to have much reverence for the plebes.

This is also why Trump is their worse nightmare in terms of them delivering their message.  How can a New York billionaire who flew around in a custom-made jetliner and lived in a penthouse of one of his many skyscrapers while always talking about winning connect with us deplorably bitterly-clinging pony soldiers in flyover country?

As for the final point:

Don’t Lose the Most Important Vote: African Americans

I guess you never really miss something until it's gone.  A funny thing happened during the Trump presidency; as it turns out, blacks are normal Americans too!  They like low crime, a secure nation, have jobs, and take care of their families.  Weird.  Anyway, they seem to like Trump's policies instead of patronizing Democrat welfare carrot-and-stick.



Carville is frustrated the Democrats can't hide what they are, and is not happy the Democrats can't capture back American support after our country has been trashed by the very policies Carville supports.  The paradox of not being able to address issues while pushing for socialist policies in a hot economy is a tough one to overcome.

In other news, Trump had a rally last night in New Hampshire.  How'd it go?






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