Is it time to abolish the Democrat Party?

Posted by Tiltt on Tue, 08/29/2017 - 02:57

The recent frantic rush to get rid of all things Confederate has set me thinking. Others have walked beside me down this mine-laden path, wondering things like, "Where will it end?" and "Who is sacred and who is not?" At the weird end of this weird path lie ridiculous possibilities like the abolition of all things named after Washington and Jefferson and Columbus and a lot more of our childhood heroes. (I must confess that my wife and I attended Jefferson Elementary School in Dayton, Ohio many years ago. Also, we live in a state whose capital city is Columbus.)

But what is really going on here? Why this, and why now? How is it that suddenly the overriding issue of our time is racism/slavery/Confederate guilt?

First, we have to acknowledge and carefully consider, every minute of every day, that we are being spoon-fed processed news. Some of it is, as President Trump likes to claim, "fake" news, meaning that either it's completely false or that it wouldn't be newsworthy outside the miniscule arena of partisan politics. But even the "genuine" news has been carefully processed. People in the media business decide what is presented as news, but just as importantly, they decide what is not presented at all. The current frenzy over Confederate statues and such is a pure creation of the media, and it has been created at the cost of ignoring other, more important, issues. The object is the same as it's been for a good many years -- to stir up hatred and discontent against conservatives and particularly Republicans. The delicious irony of Democrats calling for the destruction of statues of other Democrats seems to fall into the category of 'stuff that isn't reported at all.'

The Trayvon Martin flap is the dictionary-definition of what I'm talking about. It was a nothing-burger, a simple case of some schmo defending himself, and the case had been closed by the Sanford, FL police soon after the event took place in February 2012. It was the media who dug it up and refashioned it as the defining social justice issue of the summer of 2012, leading into the presidential election season. It was the New York Times that discovered a previously unknown racial classification to describe the shooter -- 'white Hispanic.' It was ABC News that doctored the police station video from the night of the shooting to hide the deep lacerations on George Zimmerman's head. Most egregious of all, it was NBC News that edited the 9-1-1 audio tape to make Zimmerman sound like a racist.

The Democrats in the media knew their idol, Barack Obama, was in for a serious fight for re-election, and they used this ginned-up story to maximize minority voter turnout, which they knew would favor Obama. The Ferguson police shooting (hands up, don't shoot) was merely "Trayvon Martin, the Sequel," released just in time for the 2014 election season.

Second, there is very little for Democrats to complain about. The economy -- as the Democrats themselves swore until last January -- is steadily (slowly) improving. Unemployment -- at least as the government accounts for it -- is down. There's little in the way of hot war overseas. Obamacare has survived an astoundingly limp-dicked Republican assault. Gay marriage is now a thing people talk about without laughing out loud. Abortion on demand is still the law of the land. All the really big metro areas are still firmly under Democrat control, especially the ones going broke. Chuck Schumer still gets his ugly mug on TV on a regular basis.

But there will always be a need to keep the natives restless, to keep the unwashed anxious.

The Democrat Party has devolved into a rag-tag collection of small interest groups and minorities. It's all about gays and lesbians and whatever new sexual classifications they can come up with this week. It's the party of the oppressed minorities, to hear them tell it. And that includes women, the only majority minority in the world. That's today's Democrat Party. But that's not yesterday's Democrat Party, not by a long shot. And here's where we find the impetus, the motivation to stir things up over Confederate statues and flags and other symbols.

The Democrat Party is trying to dismantle its own past. It is attempting to erase its own history. And it's trying to do it by blaming it all on conservatives and Republicans and especially Donald Trump. This is projection gone wild, but if they can pull it off, it's a sweet two-fer. First, put to final rest an ugly and consistent tradition that has plagued the Democrat Party for nearly two hundred years -- racism against blacks. Second, put down the one man they fear the most -- Donald Trump.

The Democrat Party has always been the party of slavery. It has been the party of Jim Crow. It has been the party of black voter suppression, poll taxes, literacy tests. It has been the party of racial segregation. It has been the party of governors and other officials who blocked schoolhouse doors to keep black students out. It has been the party opposing the landmark civil rights legislation of the 1950s and 1960s. It is the party of George Wallace and Orval Faubus and Bull Connor and Woodrow Wilson and Robert Byrd and Lyndon Johnson. It has always been the party of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Democrat Party has a lot to hide. There's a lot of history the Democrat Party doesn't want you to think about right now, or ever. And what better way to deflect your attention than to utilize the compliant press to instigate civil unrest and fob it all off on Donald Trump and a handful of hapless skinheads? What better time to break out that handy-dandy 'equal' sign? Confederate=slavery=racism=fascism=Nazi=Trump. Sure, it's stupid. But it's catchy and simple and easy to remember, and just about any bonehead can learn it.

But if we're to start slinging around equal signs, let's consider this. Media=Democrat. KKK=Democrat. Therefore, Media=KKK. If that's where we're going with all this, I'm okay with it.

I think it's time to consider getting rid of the Democrat Party altogether. Democrats have an unbroken history of oppressing minorities, especially blacks. Democrats instigated the most costly and devastating war this nation has ever been involved in. Democrats have systematically and with malice aforethought acted to inflame racial tensions and civil unrest since the end of the Civil War. Democrat machine politics have taken over and destroyed most of our largest inner cities, creating massive ghettos to contain the victims of its oppression.

Worst of all, Democrats have tirelessly worked to undermine and dismantle the US Constitution, mostly through politicizing the court system. Finally, Democrats have given us the least effective and most corrupt presidents of modern times, starting with Wilson, and including Lyndon Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

I'm pretty sure I could do without the Democrat Party altogether. What do you think?

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