It seems President Trump is on a path to Speaker, then re-election

Posted by DC on Sun, 10/17/2021 - 20:57

It was unlikely to me a few months ago, but now I can't help but think there's real legs to the idea that Trump can become Speaker, then re-elected as President.

I try to read the tea leaves in the news stories, and lately a few items have popped up that makes me think there's positioning happening behind the scenes, and a potential path forming.

The concept of Trump becoming Speaker has been circulating for some months, recently more publicly from Congressman Matt Gaetz.  The concept has Congress worried enough that they're trying to pass a bill to prevent a non-member of Congress from taking the role.  If the idea is so far fetched, why are they doing that?

President Trump has poo-poo'd the idea, which is exactly what you'd do if you're developing such a path.  If he were to be elected as Speaker, he'd still be able to run for re-election in 2024, because he "lost" in 2020, according to the establishment.

I'd prefer a 2024 run in this scenario anyway because we'd want Trump to have a full four years, and speakership would be gravy.  Imagine him at the helm of the House with the overwhelming support of every member's constituency, popularity far beyond Creepy's and Heels-Up's.

I can't remember a time in my life where a member of the House would have to deal with a Speaker who'd be able to not only threaten to visit and hold a rally in their district, but could actually do it and deliver.  Congress is especially terrified because they know Trump won all 50 states and would be the most popular Speaker the country has ever seen.

Pop quiz: name all the speakers who could have packed out any venue in any state to its maximum capacity, with an overflow crowd typically at a 1.5 to 2.0+ multiple.

What about Pelosi?  She's 80 years old and no spring chicken; she can barley formulate a sentence and sometimes makes Creepy seem coherent.  She was the original Heels-Up with Kennedy.

Maria Bartiromo has been saying Pelosi is getting close to stepping down.  It's "rumors", but they're rumors that have been gaining traction.

When I see news stories hit the cycle, I always wonder why it was allowed to be released, and who it hurts or benefits.  What's the strategy behind it?

The story about the Assistant to the House Sergeant of Arms busted for child porn is pretty big.  He's not an assistant that fetches coffee; he was the head law enforcement officer of the Lower House of Congress, i.e. the House of Representatives.  This is bad for Pelosi.

Another story, which is being pushed by President Trump, is about Ashli Babbitt.  We know who murdered her, and his position.  The President hasn't been pushing the story because he has nothing better to do.  As with everything Trump, it's part of a strategy.  This is bad for Pelosi.

With Babbitt, we also have the January 6 lie falling apart in real time.  Kash Patel revealed that Trump offered Pelosi thousands of National Guard troops before January 6th and she turned them down.  We have the video tapes released, and at every angle, the narrative is collapsing like a Chinese skyscraper.  Cheney can bury Bannon in subpoenas but it's not going to keep the lie alive.

These three stories are bad for Pelosi.  Factor in her age, she can't be too long for the seat.

What about Heels-Up?  I saw this news item on Juicy Smollett, where the Judge is allowing the case to move forward to trial. That's not good for Heels, as it's a crime in which she's involved.  It's a problem for Hussein and Mike as well, as Mike's Chief of Staff (too many jokes) tried to put the squash on the case by reaching out to Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx (PDF of text messages).  Foxx recused (her?)self, but appointed her deputy, who subsequently killed it.  These criminals don't even try to hide it.

Ultimately, a judge appointed a special prosecutor, Dan Webb, to investigate and eventually brought the case before a grand jury a six-count indictment.  One thing that's not good for us is the Judge is denying media access to the courtroom, but hey, I guess we can't complain too much.

It's not scary for Juicy if he's sent to prison, because he's a gay black man.  That would be like sentencing me to a sorority house.  If he were to take the fall for Heels and Mike, it wouldn't be a big deal.  Give me my sorority house equivalent and I might confess to being on the grassy knoll.  Still, the horrible food might be enough to get him to flip.

To circle back to the point of the Juicy case, it entangles Heels-Up, so she's one-removed from a Speaker Trump's line of succession, significantly raising the stakes for the deep-state.

Trump is like Jason to the teenagers in "Friday the 13th".  He just keeps coming and coming, bringing nothing but terror and pain.

Finally, Creepy.  He's obviously on the way out, as the body will start stinking at some point.  There's no way they can hold onto that guy for another three years.

Trump being the greatest whip the country as ever seen, and inserting himself directly in the line of succession for the two unstable clowns in front, would be the ultimate, with a presidential run in 2024.

Keep your eyes open for stories that seem to move Trump closer to Speaker, and bad for Heels-Up and Pelosi.


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