I'm officially leaving the Republican party

Posted by DC on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 00:44

I'm joining The Constitution Party.  If your first reaction is "alternate parties assure Democrats will win", then take a look at the Republican nominee.  It's important to send a message to the Republican Party, who are simply pro-life Democrats.  They need to feel some sting.  They need to watch their membership base decrease.  They need to watch donations and money flow to other parties.  If someone calls from the Republican party, when you slam the phone down, they need to feel it in their ear drums.  They need to lose power.

When you hear talk about a "third party", we're actually up to our eyeballs in alternate parties.  Many of those parties are only in a handful of states, if that.  Of the parties, only three have some decent traction: The Libertarian Party (33 states), The Green Party (21 states), and The Constitution Party (13 states).

I've been there and done that with the Libertarian Party.  In my younger years, I'd say I was a radical libertarian.  I still am in many respects.  As I got older, I figured out libertarians were a bunch of idiots, anti-defense, and perfectly fine with giving the government more control as long as they could grow marijuana.  It came to a head for me when I was having a discussion that turned into a debate with some fellow libertarians.  Like me, they understood taxation is theft and the government is too big.  They really wanted to legalize marijuana, which I saw as fine.  However, they argued a benefit to legalization was the government could tax it.  I pretty much lost it and never considered myself a libertarian again, as that was an ongoing theme.  I also saw a number of their candidates at various local and state levels that looked like someone I wouldn't want to leave my kids alone with.  I'm all about letting your freak flag fly, but let's save it for later on after work.

The Green Party is full of a bunch of lunatic Marxists.  No thanks.

That leaves The Constitution Party.  Their positions are pretty inline with mine.  The party is small, of course, to the Republican Party, but it's just big enough where a steady membership increase can get some attention, and possibly even make in-roads to other states.  I don't expect this party to win 2020, but it gives me a political party to express my support and stick it to the Republican Party.  If they are in your state, it's a party to lay some groundwork at the local level.

Have a nice life, Republican Party.  If Ted Cruz isn't good enough for you, I sure am not.

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