I’m glad Tony Bobulinski is speaking out, but…

Posted by DC on Wed, 10/28/2020 - 01:40

I can’t stress enough how happy I am with Tony Bobulinski for exposing the Biden crime family.  He is doing a very brave thing, and for that the country is indeed grateful.  However, let’s keep our perspective skeptical of Bobulinski.

Fact: Bobulinski got into business with known criminals.  As likable as he is and as honorable as I believe him to be, we have to keep in mind the reality that he was willing to swim among these sharks.  Everyone and their mother in D.C. knows the Bidens have been corrupt for decades, and I find it impossible to believe Bobulinski didn’t know this.

Fact: We learned from Tucker Carlson’s show last night that he was perfectly willing to let all of this go if the Bidens didn’t tarnish his name, or if pencil-neck would have retracted his “Russia disinformation” claim.  If Schiff retracted, Bobulinski would have completely dropped all of this and the American people wouldn’t be in possession of his treasure-trove of evidence.

The narrative from our side seems to be he did all of this for the country; per his own words, that’s not true.  He is doing the honorable thing by protecting his family’s name, but he wouldn’t have had to in the first place if he didn’t decide to enter into business with criminals.

On Carlson’s show, he mentioned the conversation he had with Joe’s brother Jim, where he asked “how do you get away with this”; Hunter’s uncle replied “plausible deniability”.  If I were Bobulinski, that would have been the last time I ever spoke with the Bidens.

If I had all of this evidence, would I have dumped it to the press?  Probably not.  Going against the Bidens and their cronies is probably not good for your health, as the odds of you being found floating face-down in the Potomac are high.  Bobulinski is braver than I could ever be.

Let’s glorify Bobulinski for his bravery in coming forward with this evidence, and for his service to our country.  Let’s not say he was simply an innocent, overly-trusting guy who had no idea the Bidens were corrupt, because again, everyone for decades has known about the Bidens and his family.  If he didn't know, he would have discovered that during the first 45 seconds of due diligence.

I believe everything Bobulinski has said and brought forward, but I’m skeptical of him at the same time.  Regardless, thanks Tony!!


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