I'm Excited About Obama's Post-presidency Community Organizing

Posted by DC on Sat, 02/18/2017 - 20:07

Something I'm very excited about is Obama's endeavor to build a national community organizing network with his network, Organizing For America.  Some conservatives and Republicans have a Pavlovian response and get weak in the knees when they hear about Obama's plans.  They still don't understand that we are in the majority and are correct on every issue.  They, unfortunately, have allowed themselves to be convinced that we are in the minority.  We are in the majority, and this post-presidency rabble rousing project is going to drive the country against them even more.

Marxism can't compete in the open air with sunlight and free, civil intellectual discussion.  The country rejects this insanity, as we saw in 2010, 2014, and 2016.  2012 was a little different, as the GOP had a weak candidate, had low turnout and ran against an incumbent who was still likable and able to conjure up enough turnout.  In all reality, with clean voting rolls, Romney would have won, but I digress.  No matter how much the liberals kick and scream, we keep taking their seats and moving the country closer to conservatism.

I'm glad Obama won in 2008 and 2012.  The country really needed a wake-up call.  John McCain would have slow-boiled us further into a Marxist utopia.  Obama, however, went in for the transformational kill and whiffed badly.  I say I'm glad in retrospect while knowing Obama's impact was mainly topical.  He did manage to snake in the ACA scam, but it's dying on its own and no long term threat.  He saddled us with two anti-American and anti-Constitutional SCOTUS appointments, but it could have been worse.  He ended up with a paper legacy, checked by the brilliance of the evil, white slave-owning founders and framers.  He has not been shy at his disdain for the Constitution, and he has good reason; it prevented him from fundamentally transforming the country.  After eight years of Marxism on display, the country certainly doesn't want more of that, hence why this movement has been forced subterranean.

So, Hussein Obama is getting the gang back together.  I think of the scene from "Armageddon" when Bruce Willis' character is getting hold of his old dysfunctional team.  In this real-life story, I envision they're all professors in the classroom instead of strip clubs and riding motorcycles.  Bill Ayers is probably going through his attic and sorting through boxes of wires and C-4 as we speak.  DeRay McKesson keeps picking up the phone on the first ring.  John Podesta is whipping up some of his famous walnut sauce (don't ask -- you don't want it).  Obama wants to establish infrastructure in all 50 states, so there's a lot of community organizin' to do.

I like this because it shows how they have to operate out of public view while we were able to do this in public view as the Tea Party.  We have American values and positions that a majority of normal Americans agree with and want.  The Marxists, however, not so much.  This project shows they know their place.  The country rejects them and they understand this, therefore, they have to hide and slither around while conspiring.  This is not a group with a lot of confidence.

Actually, they did try it in public view for a little while.  Do you remember "Occupy Wall Street"?  I walked through one of those camps and went through about five bottles of hand sanitizer.  Nothing is more disgusting than liberals congregating for prolonged periods of time.  The smell alone made me dry-heave.  That's another reason why I'm not worried about them slithering around in the shadows -- we'll be able to smell them coming.

While sitting in the most powerful seat in the world, Obama was unable to transform our country.  He's certainly not going to be able to do it out of office.  He can't hurt us and neither can his band of rejects.  To compound the resistance to his operation, President Trump continues to deliver on his campaign promises, and the more the country learns about the attempted takeover of our country, the angrier we will be.  For example, I can't wait to see the details of this Iran deal.

Conservatives, you should be happy they are in this position and welcome any attempt by them to put their propaganda out for debate.  Even Democrats are getting tired of their crap.  I will say, I am a little concerned that the Democrats don't have a solid party.  The Republicans do need opposition, and we need to keep a balance and keep DC in gridlock (after we roll back and undo Obama's and Bush's crap, of course).  So, Democrats, get it together (someday)!

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