I Want Independent Journalists to Get Rich

Posted by DC on Sat, 11/24/2018 - 00:30

I have noticed a troubling trend as of late. Fellow patriots on team MAGA are falling victim to their government school programming and taking swipes at independent researchers and journalists for having the audacity to make money.  This anti-capitalist small-mindedness should be relegated to Marxist babble in coffee shops and not propagated by pro-Americans on team MAGA.

Making money should be celebrated by all, especially for indies providing research and analysis for us busy people.  I don’t plop down on the couch and wait for Brian Williams to tell me what’s going on in the world.  That would make me dumber and uninformed.  Instead, I seek out indies I’ve come to depend on who dig for stories, ferret for buried documents, and find data that I would have never otherwise discovered.

To give an example, one such indie I follow is a Twitter poster named Rosie (@almostjingo).  I don't have a Twitter account, yet I read her posts every day.  If you’re someone who watches fake news, you would be amazed by what she finds and threads together.  It’s my understanding she works in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, and it's a shame that she doesn’t make money (that I know of) from the work she posts on Twitter.  What she alone brings to the table is light years beyond anything you will learn from the fake news channels.  If she were to monetize her work I would be delighted to fork over cash or buy her merchandise.  We need indies like her to make money, and everyone should encourage them to do so.

If she were to make a killing, some on our team would call her a sellout, or label her as a "paytriot".  These same people would have no problem making money if they had the talent to produce content worthy of a following.  There's an inherent jealousy and envy engrained in people with this anti-capitalist attitude.

Why would those on our team want to handicap indies competing against the fake news media?  The fake news distributors have massive resources and don't care about competition or staying in business.  Indies are already at a disadvantage, so they need the means to spend more time on their work by paying themselves more, to hire more support staff, and to purchase better equipment.

Content creators love what they do.  Once someone starts making money doing something they don't feel is work, it's human nature to want it to never end.  It is work, but if you do what you really love, it doesn't feel like it.  That is someone I want to get my information from -- not some poor loser who thinks there's some morality in not being able to afford the things they pretend they don't want.

The musicians you listen to are wealthy.  The fake news personalities you have listened to are wealthy.  The authors of books you have read are wealthy.  The person you work for is likely wealthy.  Your favorite actors are wealthy.  If you're a Marxist, the politicians you support are wealthy.  Wealthy people and money make our society go round, so why would the people you get real, actual information from be of less credibility or quality if they make money?

As for you content creators, you are also part of the problem.  When someone suggests you are making money, or trying to do so, you cower away, spinning it like you're trying to make just enough to afford a ham sandwich and pay your internet bill, and most definitely not doing it for the money.  Cut that crap out and embrace it.  It's perfectly OK to do what you love while making a bunch of money.

On a side note, if you're going to display ads, please don't post disgusting ads that make me gag while I'm eating my lunch (Liberty Daily, I'm talking to you).  I understand a lot of the ad networks reject conservatives, forcing you to scrape the bottom of the barrel, but there are other ways to do it.  Steven Crowder, for example.  Or Mark Dice.  There are plenty of examples of creators doing it the right way.  Crappy ad networks make you look crappy, and makes me not want to visit your site.

Fellow MAGA team members, support indies and encourage them when they try to make money.  Otherwise, just flip on one of the MSM channels and watch some millionaire tell you "orange man bad".

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