I support President Trump

Posted by DC on Thu, 11/17/2016 - 01:10

I didn't vote for Donald Trump; I did what I said I was going to do and wrote in Ted Cruz, and it felt good.  I was hunkered down, waiting for another President Clinton, and ready to continue preaching conservatism (which we need to do more on this site) and be ready for 2018.

I'd like to blame the polls and how everyone was wrong, but that's not true.  I learned in 2012 to not trust the polls, but I got suckered again.  I can't help myself.  Yes, the polls were wrong, but I have been ignoring my inner business and family circles for a while.  If I listened to them as they all were telling me they were voting for Trump, then I probably would have altered my perspective.  Nevertheless, me being wrong meant the Clintons are gone, Hussein Obama and his band of rejects will be gone, the Republicans have the majority in the House, Senate, and have the White House.  How will I ever manage?

Trump campaign supporters were right about the undercurrent, while many of us were wrong about how strong the Clinton campaign was.  We expected another bomb to drop at the end to close the deal on Trump, but instead it turned out to be from FBI Director Comey.  They were shutting out Bill Clinton, who was correct about advising the campaign to make it about economics and the ACA scam.  She had the media, music superstars, A-list actors, and unlimited funds from whatever scheme she has worked out.

As I've said all along, I'm not a #nevertrump-er; I'm a #neverliberal-er. My problem with Trump was the constant contradictions from himself in the past (and current), the (supposed) mountain of baggage available for the Clinton camp to exploit, and his life-long liberal positions.  I'm more than willing to say I have him completely wrong and am very excited to see what he does and remain optimistic that he'll govern as a conservative.  I really hope he stays tough against McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, and the other pieces of anti-American scum slithering in DC.

Drinking from the river of liberal tears has been invigorating.  The Democrats are hanging on by a thread, and to show they really heard the American people, they're ready to support Muslim Keith Ellison, a Congressman from Minnesota.  Ellison has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and blames 9/11 on the Jews.  The reality is the Democrats have become an anti-American party.  Now they want to abolish the electoral college.  The 2014 mid-terms ripped the Democrats up by the roots and threw them in the burn pile.  I really hope President Trump can do good for the country and not give motiviation to Democrats over the next few years.

I support President Trump, and really am excited to see what he does.  I don't have the high expectations some Trump supporters may have, so if he can accomplish 50% of the good things he campaigned on, then I'll chalk it up as a win for us.

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