How to purge the Marxists from the Republican Party

Posted by DC on Sat, 10/15/2016 - 07:11

This election is lost, and understandably, everyone is freaked out about Hillary being President.  I am too.  I'm not happy the Republicans ran a clown, but they did, and here we are.  A lot of conservatives are mad and left wondering what to do.  How can the party be taken back by conservatives?  How is this even possible?

People tend to think of taking the party back with a top-down mentality where we have to win the Presidency to change party leadership.  That is not true, and that's not how to do it.  The Republican Party is made up of state committees, which are made up of county committees, made up of precinct committeemen.  The objective is to fill as many precinct committeemen slots with conservatives as possible.  The more conservatives we have as precinct committeemen, the more they elect conservatives at the county level.  The more conservatives at the county level, the more they elect state level, and then nationally.

Reince Priebus doesn't answer to us.  He doesn't work for us.  Even if he did, he's drunk half the time.  He is elected by the Republican National Committee members.  He cares what the members who elect him think.  Those members are elected from the state comittees. When conservatives pull their hair out over Priebus, they're just spinning their wheels and misdirecting their anger.  That energy should be focused on removing him through the Republican Party.

A new conservative seed in the Republican Party must be planted at the precinct level as precinct committeemen.  Precinct committeemen elect party members, directly or indirectly.  Therefore, the more conservative precinct committeemen, the more conservative the party.  If you think you might want to run for office, the precinct committeemen position is the entry point where you'd begin.

Precinct committeemen are not only responsible for electing party members but also getting voters in your precinct to the voting booth.  So, being precinct committeemen does involve getting off your couch, attending meetings, and handle any duties outlined by the party in that state.

Not everyone may be in a situation to fulfill the duties of a precinct committeeman.  In that case, maybe figure out who your precinct committeeman is and offer to volunteer a skill or time to help them in some way.  The ultimate goal is to get voters registered and to the voting booth on election day.  Offer any talents and skills you have that can help this.  If you're a graphic designer, maybe you can help with an ad piece for a flyer or bumper sticker.  If you have tech skills, maybe you can crunch and present data visually to help educate potential voters on conservative topics and issues.  Maybe you have a lot of contacts in the precinct and can make warm introductions to the precinct committeeman.  You can find a way to help.  You don't have to be out in the public.  You can be hidden away in a basement crunching data and doing nerd stuff to help.  Whatever.

The most amazing thing about these precinct committeemen slots is how many are unfilled.  It's sort of a sad statement about how little we care about our elections and who represents us.  There is so much opportunity for serious conservatives to get involved and take over those vacant slots.  Even if you can't do it, maybe you know someone who is conservative and motivated and would be a great precinct committeeman.  Push someone like that towards getting involved and you're making the world a better place.

Next time you get into some political discussion with some unkempt Marxist out on winter break and excited to parrot unchallenged propaganda downloaded to his receptive little brain by his Marxist professor with no life skills or experiences, ask them "who is your representative in your district?".  At first, they will try and circle and evade this difficult question because they think it's some trap, but just repeat the question a few times and they'll finally get the confidence to try and answer.  This is one of my go-to moves and I can't recall a liberal who actually ever knew.  Sometimes they know their senators, but usually not.  That's when I laugh and tell them they're not serious about politics.  It really stings them.  If they're in school, tell them you're glad to see their student loans are being put to good use.

Don't be the conservative version of that guy.  Know who represents you.  Know their positions.  Know how they vote.  Did they sponsor or co-sponsor any bills?  How is your local government made up?  Is it a city council?  Who are they?  There's plenty of research and learning to do locally and in your state.  You know Nancy Pelosi's politics, but maybe your city council who you don't know raised your property taxes.  Who voted to do that?  How can you vote them out?  What's the process?  I love the pay raises they give themselves.  What is their compensation?  All of this should be able to just roll off your tounge.  Do get to know your precinct committeeman and make contact with him or her.  Learning and paying attention to who these people are and what they do helps spark interest in the process. 

Changing the party and uprooting Marxists takes time.  They're like weeds.  We just trounced them in the mid-terms, and next thing you know they pick our nominee.  This is an ongoing journey that can take a few cycles to push the trash up and out, so don't expect instant results, but work in your local area where you can have at least some impact.  Keep helping where you can, and keep honing your conservative chops.

Forget about 2016.  Kiss it goodbye.  Focus on 2020, ground-up.  A good thing Trump did is he really got a lot of Republicans' attention about what happens when the party drifts away.  "Idiocracy" is becoming a documentary.  People are more inclined to get involved in the process now just out of fear alone.  Even Trumpers who are just scared more of Hillary don't want Trump either and are more inclined to get involved and take back control of the Republican Party.

And quit watching cable news for the love of God.

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