How the Marxists took over California, then the country

Posted by Solar on Sat, 07/03/2021 - 03:08

You all ask yourselves why people elect Marxists? Well, they all promise free stuff, they claim they'll fix the roads, improve infrastructure, then quietly raise taxes in the form of "Fees", never having touched the roads, parks, etc.

Yes, they always lie, and sadly we've become numb to it, saying next election I'll vote them out, right?

But here's the dirty little trick RINO/Dims pull. You and I, we get some truly great conservatives to run for office, right? The Establishment floods the ticket with loser RINO no one wants, 7 or 8 at a time, hand picked losers that steal the lime light with the help of their media while their chosen candidate sits quietly on the sidelines as your candidate gets pummeled by the media for advocating lower taxes and smaller government.

By the time the election rolls around you've lost confidence that your guy can win, and just as planned, the establishment's chosen RINO starts campaigning on the idea that if you don't elect him, the Dims will win.

So what happens? We end up voting for the same loser and wonder why we settled for a RINO. The Republican Establishment Dims, they are a Uniparty, this was a shared agreement.

I know you all know this in your heart, so let's make a change, don't fall for their tricks any longer. Vote your conscience. After all, what do we have to lose?

Now that you know how they rig the election in their favor, let me explain why Marxists purposely destroy the states they run. They're spreading a disease, a disease of Marxism!

California is shrinking and this was no accident or side effect of liberalism, I believe this is a purposeful part of a bigger plan.

Being a native of California, I watched the population virtually triple in the state in my nearly 7 decades here, and in my area of Norcal, the growth was more than 10,000% because everyone lived along the coast at the time, until they took over the Capitol and flooded it with anchor babies.

During the 1980s we had kicked the Dims to the curb and seized the legislature, things were looking up, that is, until the RINO helped their corporate cronies buy up beautiful farmland for suburban growth.

Yes, they sold us out, never once building up infrastructure (new reservoirs or repair of existing ones) and all these new homes needed water. Then the Dims took back the State under Willey Brown. That's a whole other mess I won't go into.

So instead of building up water reserves, the left blamed global warming and claimed droughts were getting worse so no one would see the real issue, that Marxists had stolen infrastructure money for social programs for anchor babies instead of addressing the real issue of lack of reservoirs.

Just a side note, all the while the state still lets nearly 90% of fresh water dump into the bay all over the claim that a tiny, non-native fish would go extinct if we didn't keep dumping fresh water.

Here's the dirty little secret no one knows, and now you do. The reason they dump the water, isn't because of the fish, if they didn't, the bay waters would back up with saltwater as it did for millennia and the Bay area would go back to stinking as it always had.

Yes, the poor little libs sensitive noses would have to endure plant and rotting fish every summer, so the rest of the state suffers cyclical drought so the libs can have fresh air. That's it, farmers must suffer so libs remain happy. Damn, again I digress, sorry, but there is sooo much to the history to the Marxists corruption. Back to the article...

As time went by, Easterners kept moving in during the 1960s. LBJ flooded the State with welfare recipients in the 1960s under the 235 housing plan, people on welfare who never held a job their entire life got a free ticket out to California when LBJ bulldozed government housing.

Then they changed the law in California forcing hospitals to have to accept any and everyone, regardless of the ability to pay, this legislation made it impossible to refuse illegal aliens. That's right, instant anchor baby! (Thank You weak RINO)

During this time we were at war in Nam, the hippy movement was just gearing up, protests in the streets by kids, kids who were being told "Don't believe anyone over thirty", because we all know people older than us were wiser and the left didn't want you listening to the truth. Just more of divide and conquer, literally the first edict in the Communist handbook.
I digress; It was these same Easterners that destroyed California by allowing anchor babies to take root and their families to flood the state. Where was the GOP this entire time? They too were a victim of the same plan of leftist infiltration, and we elected them because we didn't want a leftist as I qualified earlier.

Yes, these same leftists lied to get elected to the GOP, never once keeping a single campaign promise of reversing the leftist corruption.....You all know them as RINO. (Marxist always campaign to the right to get elected).

Starting to see a pattern? They came from the East, corrupted the California Legislature and now they're headed to Texas, Idaho, Arizona and anywhere peaceful society exists. RINO/Libs are the cancer.

Yes, I believe these Marxists have a secret plan to destroy cities via free stuff, people get used to free stuff and government holding their hands, but even for these coddled idiots, it gets to be too much when they soil their own nest, so they move out. (See San Fran needles on the streets)

This is exactly what they have done to California and other states, made it unbearable to live, but when these coddled libs move out and settle in another city/state, they miss the freebie stuff and start voting Marxists back in that promise it.

Rinse and repeat!!!

I know, this almost sounds conspiratorial, but I've spent my entire life observing it front row center, it's no accident that a bunch of limousine liberals would hold so much money influencing elections, (think Soros).

Just look at the Pelosi family line, her father a known communist, Hell, her screwed up nephew is the Governor of Ca. Point is, it's not just Ca with feces in the streets now is it? Nah, commonsense tells you this is bad, yet these Marxist scum encourage it. (Now why would they do that?

Get the picture now?

Marxism is coming to a city in every state if it isn't already there. (See Portland and Seattle) But there is a way to stop it. When it comes time to vote, don't just settle because the GOP establishment scared you into supporting their candidate, because settling for a RINO is part of the bigger plan in helping Marxists take over the country.

Just look to Europe if you want to see our future, only they don't use illegals from the South, they use a stronger toxin of migrants to destroy western/capitalism culture.

It's up to all of us and now you know how to stop them. Quit voting in leftist GOP scum, support the conservative no matter what. More Proof?

If not for voting in the first Black Marxist Muscum, we'd have been saddled with Mitten, another establishment leftist liberal and we might never have gotten Trump.

Now you know the real plan...  So let's quit settling and start voting in conservatives.

Addendum: RINO is literally the definition of Fabian Socialist, (look it up, see how and when they were formed, see their moniker, a literal sheep in wolves clothing.) A RINO is worse than the communist Dem, at least with the Dim you know what to expect from the commie, while the RINO lies about their objectives.

Now for an update. Trump completely flipped politics on its head, thank God. Trump has exposed the RINO for what they are. Starting with the slaughter TEA gave the GOP in 2010, Trump capitalized on their defeat and our strength and started backing conservatives/lite, but not RINO.

Now the left was panicked, they needed to move up the clock on their takeover. The funny thing in all of this is, and it perplexes me to this day is, all the left had to do was be patient as those "Over Thirty" died off. Yes, for whatever reason, be it over confidence or fear, they pushed a Muscum Marxist on the country.

As the RINO pushed a Fabian Socialist on us, we were doomed either way, so it mattered not who won in the rigged election, we now know has been the case for decades.

But why did the left move so fast, in 30 years we would have lost the country anyway as the sheep kept falling for the same game? I wish I knew the answer and the only thing I can think of was, they knew Trump was waiting in the wings decades before the rest of us did. Your guess is as good as mine, but suffice it to say, we dodged a bullet.

We're taking back this great nation and there is nothing the left can do to stop us. Oh, and for those who haven't figured it out yet, the DNC is dead, they only have 15% of the base they hand under the Marxist, that's why they had to steal the election.


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