Hillary Clinton Will Win The Nomination

Posted by Solar on Sun, 04/24/2016 - 13:22

Yes I know, not really news to most, but, and yes, there is a huge caveat here:  Clinton was chosen years ago, all thanks to the TEA movement. Now before you think I'm blaming TEA, hear me out.

First off, I'm TEA like many of you reading this, so in truth what TEA has done is guarantee the death of the Dim party as it's known today.  Here's how it worked; TEA in 2010 exposed the cancer effecting the country and it's infestation of both parties via the Establishment.  Yes, what people refer to as the GOPe (the establishment), in truth pulls strings across the isle in the Marxist party, so this sickness is not constrained to the Right side of the isle.

I digress. Hussein Obama was foist on the nation as some kind of savior, he alone would make all the lib kiddies "Feel" better, his promises and platitudes were as hollow as the Hindenburg, yet even more volatile, in that they were no accident.  They were designed to destroy American culture, but that's for another article on history.  This one focuses on the planned demise of what we knew of the Democrat party.

A quick look at the history of the party exposes surge agendas. Every few decades, give or take one or two, the Dim party pushes social movements that anger the majority of the nation.  With the help of activist judges, this creates law/precedence, coupled with a spineless GOP and leftists, they achieve their agenda in small increments.

But the way this works is the Dim party finally retains power and they sacrifice themselves over an absurd agenda, as we've seen very recently from the Global Warming scam to gay marriage, both firmly rejected by the public at large, but forced upon us by the courts and a traitorous SCOTUS. (hang in there, I'll get to Hillary)

With this understanding of how the Dim party would rather be pushed to the wayside than do what's right for America, in that they are counting on a weak GOP to work the leftist agenda into the fabric of our culture, they are either unwittingly accomplices, and/or useful idiots.

Yes, the Dim party counts on the other party to sellout the nation for fear of the media calling them names, and it gets worse every year. From Social Security to Medicare, once a leftist program is in place, it's a self inflicted blow to the head or mangled appendage crippling the nation permanently, which brings us current and exposes both party's agenda over illegal immigration and their refusal to do anything about it over the past few decades.

So now we look at the current Dim party which looks absolutely nothing like the party during the Bush administration, or that of the Clinton administration, Carter administration, God knows it's nothing like the Kennedy administration, an administration that still believed in the American dream.

However, this exposes how the Dim party has always had an agenda of a slow creep left towards socialism, and God forbid, an ultimate goal of Communism.

I'm getting to Hillary the leftist, but in her case, a crony leftist, the worst kind in my opinion.

Hussein was foist into power and quickly went about undoing the system, creating a new crony capitalist system via the "Green Energy" scam, spent billions in securing sweet deals for his Marxist supporters, and if you wanted to play, you had to sell your soul (insert GOP'e and the ethanol scam, something Cruz wants to kill, Bless you Ted).

But in all this nonsense, an entire generation was duped into swallowing the lie of big government.  Big Brother will take care of your every need, cradle to grave health care, or rather, selective care based on your age at the moment, but yes, they actually believed that government would give them free health care, that is, until they discovered they had no option but to sign up for a program they wouldn't need for a couple of decades. (you may laugh your ass off at the snowflakes expense now)

So these tools, useful idiots if you will, helped usher in a Marxist, and to their shock, found out first hand what the left's true motive was, and it scared the Hell out of them as well as angered them, so they abandoned the Dims.  Most glommed on to the LIB-ertarian movement in hopes of claiming apolitical status, only to water down the true Libertarian movement.  Some actually joined the GOP'e, only because they wanted to support another lib, Donald Trump.

Still none of that matters, they aren't supporting the Dim party directly and won't be in the future, so add them to a base that didn't like being lied to, "The most transparent administration in history", "You'll have to sign it, to see what's in it", etc.

Yes, they lied to their base, many abandoned the party, many are wandering lost without representation, and no one can blame them for not turning to the other liars, the GOP'e, which essentially leaves the Dim party with a skeleton base of what it was just a short decade ago.  Yes, they lost nearly 70% of their base, a base that so badly wants a real candidate, but thanks to TEA and it's kneecapping of the Dim party in 2010 and 2014, where we seized over 1000 Legislative seats.  They lost all of their ability to feed the party with new blood (Conservative/TEA, take a bow), leaving them with aging Marxists like Warren, Biden, Bernie Sanders (that one always make me laugh) the only one honest enough to run on the party's true platform of socialism.

Anyway, this reveals why Hillary is the chosen one, the party knows they are in trouble and they don't care because as history reveals, they forced a radical agenda, knowing full well it would be rejected, all the while counting on the GOP'e to roll over and institute their programs, e.g. Trump's claim of "I can fix Obamacare". Fix Commiecare? No, Cruz knows it needs abolished, you moron NY Lib!

So lets look at Hillary, heavily ladened with scandals, not one single accomplishment to her name, unless you consider getting our people murdered in Libya an accomplishment and the added bonus of turning Libya over to terrorists, then yes, she accomplished something.

But truth is, she is one toxic candidate, and the party knows she hasn't a snowflake's chance in Hell of getting elected. You ask why is she running then?  Here's the meat of my point: she is the distraction candidate for a Marxist agenda.

She will most assuredly lose, and the party will, as predicted, blame it all on her, the Clinton Foundation, her email server, Benghazi and the list is endless. Now assume for a moment Bernie gets the nomination.  Yeah, the socialist.  Well, the base wants no part of socialism, they aren't socialists...Yet.

So Bernie goes down in flames, but he didn't go down because of scandals.  He went down because the base rejected socialism.  See the link now?  Hillary actually is the result of leftist corruption and failed Marxist policy, but she affords the leftist media to focus on the scandals, and not the real reason for the party's demise of failed Marxist policy.

Yes, the real reason the Dim party is dead, is for one simple reason: the country still despises Communism in any form.

The Millenial generation, like every youth movement prior will not forgive being lied to, and as punishment, they will never support the Dim party.  Further more, they will be passing on a hard lesson to the generation that follows, which totals roughly 30 years.

Yes, three decades for Conservatives to reverse as much of the leftist agend as possible. 

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