Happy New Year!

Posted by DC on Thu, 12/31/2020 - 21:33

I know a lot of people weren't happy with 2020, but I was (except for the stupid masks).  The enemy took massive casualties, and they'll be pulled up from the roots in 2021.  Trump's second term is going to be incredible.

The website grew a lot in 2020.  We've gained quite a few readers and the pressure is on for us to crank out more content.

We have a ton of changes and some fun features we're adding once I can make some time.  For example, tracking and tying politicians to their corporate interests, and those interests to CCP and deep-state ties, and presenting it in an interactive, visual way.  I have a prototype that I've been slowly working on, and I think it will be pretty damn slick.  During Trump's next four years, the RINO snakes like Nikki Haley will lie in wait for their chance to spring back in 2024, so we need to continue exposing them.

We're going to out so many communists that Joseph McCarthy would call us paranoid.

We'll have more social media integration with Gab, Parler (if they can secure their site and get their act together), and new video sites like Gab TV and Rumble.  We want to promote the alternatives to Big Social.

Another feature tracks companies who are on our crap list, with supporting links to why.  For example, Dick's Sporting Goods attacking the Second Amendment.  We'll track pro-American companies, and companies selling products made in America (and secondarily, companies with whom the President negotiated trade deals).

The website theme needs a face lift and some rearranging of content, and we want to integrate our forum and news aggregator.  We also continue to get requests for newsletters so we can push content; we have a few ideas for that.

Happy new year!




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