Grifter Romney and the Never-Trump losers are desperate

Posted by DC on Sun, 04/21/2019 - 12:33

Over the past few years, President Trump has exposed real frauds in the conservative movement.  Radio personalities, politicians, and pundits I frequently consumed because I thought they were in pursuit of similar objectives revealed themselves to be weak and flat out dishonest.  It's been a real awakening for me.

For decades, all I've wanted was a conservative President, and at least an upward trend of conservative representation in government.  We now have one of the most conservative Presidents in history and it's been by far the most fun I've ever had in my life following politics, yet for whatever reason we have a gang of clowns dedicated to flinging poo at him.

Carpetbagging grifter Mitt Romney has asserted himself as the leader of the Never-Trumpers (when he doesn't need a job).  Romney is a professional loser who's so bad, he once lost a debate with Obama -- to Candy Crowley!  That was one of the most awkward moments in debate history.  I'd rather have Rick Perry's space-out moment because he could at least try and blame that on fatigue.  Romney's Crowley exchange was the groundhog-shadow moment where I realized we had four more years of Obama.

After the Mueller Report dropped, Romney tried to fling some poo at Trump, but instead Trump grabbed him by the scuff of his neck and rubbed his loser nose in it:



How embarrassing for him.  Romney couldn't beat a President with the weakest economic growth in history and certainly isn't going to win a public battle with Trump.  Romney is such a loser that one time he tried to take a swipe at Trump on Twitter by supporting AntiFa.  That's pretty bad.

When you hear attacks on Trump, consider the attacker; it's always losers like Romney.  Pundits like Ben Shapiro have really let me down.  I am appreciative of him piercing the Marxist barrier of academia to help illuminate their minds with conservative thought, because it's important and we have to take back the schools, but it's not exactly intellectual heavy-lifting.  When it comes to substantive topics like Spygate, or how the President uses tariffs to pull us back to a free trade global economy, he's severely lacking.

His "Eight Things You Need To Know About The Mueller Report” was so bad that it's laughable.  He doesn't even try to hide his disdain for Trump and fearlessly puts his ignorance of the subject on full display.  He's the attorney who makes his living on political punditry, yet I know more about the topic than he?  It's odd.  I was going to post a rebuttal to his entire article but there's so much that it would have taken too much time, so here's a random snippet:

2. The Original Suspicions Regarding The Trump Team May Not Have Been Unreasonable. One of the popular talking points these days concerning the Trump-Russia collusion investigation is that it was initiated in bad faith by an Obama intelligence apparatus concerned with taking down candidate Trump. That may be true. But there was plenty of smoke in the early days of the investigation: George Papadopoulos meeting with Joseph Mifsud, a suspected Russian asset, who allegedly bragged that he had access to Hillary Clinton’s emails; Roger Stone bringing Wikileaks promises to the attention of the Trump campaign; Trump’s dishonesty regarding the continuation of Trump Tower Moscow negotiations; the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting; Carter Page’s coordination with Russian fronts while working for the Trump campaign (Page, for example, emailed several campaign officials in July 2016 stating that he had “some incredible insights and outreach…from a few Russian legislators and senior members of the Presidential Administration here"); Paul Manafort’s involvement in the campaign while simultaneously doing the dirty work of Ukrainian oligarchs.

Shapiro has not been a believer in the story that Obama conspired to take down Trump, hence why he's relying on debunked lies to justify the investigation.  There was no evidence of Papadopoulos talking about Hillary's emails.  Mifsud is not a Russian asset; he works with western intelligence (UK, US), and he is the one who mentioned Hillary's emails to Papadopoulous.  Wikileaks had no idea they were dealing with anyone Russian -- a fact revealed in the report.  Roger Stone bragging about Wikileaks is not palling around with Russians, and certainly has nothing to do with Trump.



Shapiro's complete ignorance on this subject and blatant lies are disappointing.  If you need to lie to push a narrative, then it's a pretty weak narrative.  There's plenty more in this snippet alone but there's too much to get into.  Dan Bongino has a good recap from his Friday show if you want some details.

Like Shapiro, Evan McMullin's base, Erick Erickson, is no fan of Trump and is pushing the lie that the President engaged in nefarious obstructionist behavior.  Erickson doesn't even concede that President Trump provided Mueller everything he wanted, leaving Mueller with no stone unturned.  Even more amazing, the President did not utilize any executive privilege in the report.  He wanted nothing hidden which sounds like he wants transparency.

How can you be so shady and obstructionist, yet give the special counsel everything they wanted?

I believe one reason Erickson dislikes Trump is because he (Trump) froze out would-be White House sources to Erickson.  Priebus was his last high-level source but didn't last long.  I'm sure it's frustrating to work hard on developing sources and contacts to give you good stuff, only to have the rug pulled out from underneath your feet.  Erickson had to come up with his own fake news about the supposed chaotic state of the White House.

Erickson has one of the worse cases of TDS, but where Erickson is a smart man yet emotionally immature, David French is simply dumb.  How dumb?  He jumped face-first on the Covington hoax and bit hard on the BuzzFeed Cohen fake news.  If French was a fish and you caught him, then let him go, he'd jump right back into your boat.  He can't help himself.  I consider French the water boy of the Never-Trump team.

The report showed how durable the President was, and the degree to which they went after him, how much he was worried about future Presidents and the integrity of the Office, how he took direction from counsel, and overall how amazing he is to have withstood this entire storm, only to have Never-Trumpers fling poo at him in the end. These guys really do have mental issues.

None of these Never-Trump clowns have the character or courage to take on what President Trump did.  Instead, they use invalidated or out-of-context pieces from the report to keep the impeachment dream alive and to malign him.

These people are able to do this because they have poor character -- something they like to attribute to Trump.  This band of losers, which includes rejects like Rick Wilson, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, and a handful of others are desperate to hold their position in media.

When the GOP was losing and pointing to the Democrats as the boogyman, life was good.  Since Trump came in, took control and started winning, they've been drowned out by the new wave of free thinkers and independent media.  They lost their seat at the table.

Never-Trump ventures that require consumers can't survive on their own, hence why they rely on anti-Trump benefactors.  An exonerated Trump is bad for them because not only do they take the credibility hit, but they aren't exactly the intellectual leaders of the conservative movement.  Under the Trump era where fake news is slayed, along with their Democrat boogymen, their purpose is no more.  Issues like abortion and immigration now belong to us, so they're now wandering the political desert.



These Never-Trump clowns are old and set in their ways, but don't provide any value for consumers.  That means they need money and burn through it fast.  In about six months I bet Soros will have them wearing pink hats and demanding you refer to them by their preferred pronouns.

Until then, enjoy their demise.





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