Gorky Park Revisited

Posted by The Boo Man on Fri, 07/14/2017 - 00:48

So, Donald Trump Jr. He stepped in it big time. Not in a treasonous, colluding, impeachable sort of way. But in a “if it sounds too good to be true I’ma gonna do it anyway” sort of way.  Jr received an email from a music publicist no one has ever heard of outside of Moscow who says he knows a supposed Kremlin connected lawyer with seriously damaging information on Hillary Clinton. For reasons no normal person can fathom Jr thought he had struck paydirt. He went there and there was no dirt on Hillary and he left twenty minutes later. Then he “forgot” to tell anyone about this meeting. How can you forget walking into a meeting between yourself and a Russian government operative set up by a low rent music publisher whose claim to fame was representing John Denver in Australia? I’d remember if I was asked to enter this Guy Ritchie film.

None of this makes sense. I have questions. I have concerns.

First of all we have had back channels with Russia for decades. Russia tries to interfere with us and we try to interfere with them. They spy, we spy. It’s common knowledge. It’s business as usual. So, why would the Russian government need a music publisher to set up this meeting?

Second, if the Russian government really wanted Trump to win and had dirt on Hillary why didn’t this supposed Kremlin Lawyer have it? All they have accomplished is to hurt the president they supposedly wanted to win the election and succeed. Where is this damaging info? This looks like a trap by the Russians. Why would they trap the administration they want to win?

Thirdly, the woman. I cannot pronounce her name and I don’t think my keyboard has enough vowels. Anyway this Russian lawyer, the democrats say she is a Russian agent. She says she has nothing to do with the Kremlin. We don’t know. What we do know is she has met with our ambassadors and President Obama allowed her to overstay her visa. Surely our government knows who she is. If she has ties to the Russian government that information would have already been leaked.  Her ties to the Russian government would be well known by now. It’s not. No one knows what Donald Trump Jr. was thinking. Or if he was thinking at all.  Perhaps it will come down to intent. If so James Comey lowered the bar to the point that John Wayne Gacy would get off.

I would like to leave you with this tiny bit of reality. The democrats and their hysterical media are not only spiking the football but dry humping the trophy. This is their smoking gun. Their Superbowl. That’s quite a come down. Seven months ago the democrats were confident they were going to impeach President Trump for working with the Russian government to hack our election. Now they are settling for President Trump’s son meeting with someone that may or may not have links to the Kremlin according to a music publisher that knew John Denver.

That’s one hell of a consolation prize.

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