Game over. Mike Lindell's "9-0" evidence is the kill shot

Posted by DC on Thu, 06/03/2021 - 18:33


The news today from Lindell's video is devastating to the "Trump lost, just move on!!" crowd.  Lindell proved he has the evidence of the coup caught election night, real time.

Everyone is having a party today tap-dancing on Fauci's grave, but that's how big these audits are; they sacrificed a dear comrade to distract everyone.

Today, Lindell put out his "9-0" video (embedded below).  Some of you will roll your eyes and tune out, but this evidence is a bulletproof checkmate.  The game is officially over, and there's no wiggle room for the rats to escape the python.

Let me put this another way; since November 3rd, these guys have known that they've had this data in their possession.  No wonder they've been extremely confident while so-called conservatives continued to label them as kooks.

Folks like myself have said this entire time that there's no way they're saying they have the evidence if they really don't.  They really do, and Lindell proved it today.  What evidence do they have?

Remember his claim that they watched the votes changed by foreign actors in real time?  During his video today, his cyber guy dumped output of their packet captures to the screen to prove they have it.

A data packet lives and travels through electricity and light (fiber) from the originating computer to its destination.  When the journey is complete, electricity and light don't just hang around for someone to pick it up and inspect like a bloody knife.  After the packet makes his journey across the internet, it's as if he never existed.

The remanence of that packet and its journey are recorded in log files, caches, and other such mediums that proves it happened.  Those are evidence, but a different kind of evidence because they save data after the packet has lived his life and made his journey.

The evidence Lindell has is a "snapshot" of the data packets as they looked during travel.  Within these snapshots is a "picture" of the juicy data that was stuffed into these packets.  The data was encrypted, but Lindell's guys decrypted it and were able to figure out what packets were carrying what data to what voting machines.

How did Lindell's team get access to watch and capture this data live on election night?  Gosh, it's almost as if President Trump knew this was going to happen and authorized it.

My question is did these cyber guys return fire and gain access to the attackers' machines?  Why would they not?  It would not be difficult, and you get to do fun stuff like flip on their cameras, turn on their microphones, pour through their messages and emails, and get a good mapping of who's communicating with whom.

These computers changing votes were out of China, but who was controlling those machines?  We know American traitors were colluding with our enemies, and it's obvious to me we know exactly who was involved.  I think that's another shoe on this centipede to drop.

The cherry on top of all of this is the Durham missile has yet to hit.  The COVID coverups are ramping up, this cyber evidence just broke, and meanwhile, people have forgotten about Durham.  Remember, his scope was broadened to include the Mueller investigation.

Oh what a perfect storm to rain down on the enemy at a perfect time.



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