Gab is forking the Brave browser and porting to Mastodon

Posted by DC on Thu, 06/06/2019 - 16:09

Gab has been working on some interesting projects that will seemingly tie together and provide a haven from government-controlled social media companies; at least that’s how it seems to me.  I’m on Gab and enjoy having a place where I can engage on news and not worry about political correctness, and I especially love how it triggers the libtards.

A few months ago, Gab created a centralized URL-indexed commenting system, called “Dissenter”, allowing those of us with Gab accounts to comment on articles, free and clear from the iron fist of SJW eunuch moderators.  Nobody hates free and open discussion more than leftists, so they were completely melting down over this project.  Any major articles I hit seem to have a lot of commenting activity so the project appears to be successful.

The leftists were so triggered over Dissenter that Mozilla and Google removed the browser plugin from their extensions stores, and Mozilla even prevented the manual installation of the Dissenter on FireFox.  As of now, Gab has now been kicked off hosting platforms, had their app rejected from the app stores, rejected by payment platforms, and now cut off by browsers, all under the slanderous guise of incubating the Fourth Reich.  To say Gab is under assault by Silicon Valley is an understatement.

After Dissenter’s success, Gab announced they’re forking the Brave browser.  It seemed odd to me that they were forking Brave for the purpose of ensuring their browser extension couldn’t be rejected, because Brave wouldn’t reject it, but it now seems they have a greater vision where their browser may become a node on some sort of a decentralized network beyond the reach of Silicon Valley.  They're referring to it as a "free speech" browser, but I don't quite know what that means yet.

The latest news is they’re scrapping their old platform and taking advantage of Mastodon, an open-source social network.  Eugen Rochko, the creator of that platform, spazzed out and let the other Mastodon communities (whom he assumes think just like him) know that they need to block mean ol' scary Gab users:



I love soy-induced libtardian meltdowns.  Rochko wasn't done:



For you non-developers, the entire purpose of an open-source project is for complete strangers around the world to collaborate and contribute back improvements and bug-fixes, yet Eugen refers to this common practice in the software world as "parasitic".  He also contradicts himself by saying Gab's current system is unsalvageable (which I think it likely is), yet says they're looking to kick up drama by taking advantage of his stable open-source platform.  I guess this is post-Merkel German logic.

He slanders Andrew Torba as a white supremacist, like we haven't heard that insult before.  The best is when he says he's a jew, therefore conservative Torba, who likely supports our pro-Israel president (who has a Jewish son-in-law) and opposes politicians like Ilhan Omar, is a hypocrite for using his software.

Eugen, worry about Islam taking over your country and Brexit.  We're doing fine.

There's a lot of issues I've had with Gab, so I'm optimistic about them porting to Mastodon.  One such example of an issue I've had is the lack of ability to embed posts, like I did above with Rochko's.  There's many good posts on Gab I'd like to share on this site, and this new platform allows for that.

With their browser project, and migrating to Mastodon, they're looking to integrate their crypto into their browser (replacing BAT), making it possible for users to make payments, bypassing the payment processors.  This would likely open up commerce, messaging platforms like Discord, embedded commenting systems for websites, and other services within the Gab community, driving Silicon Valley over the edge.

I hope Gab keeps making moves and doesn't spread too thin, and that they have a solid team of developers, with their CTO taking the public arrows to let work get done.  Developers who'd like to contribute shouldn't have to worry about their bank accounts getting closed.  If they can build what I think they're trying to pull off, it would be pretty amazing because they would have completely decoupled from the control of Silicon Valley.


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