GA decertification chatter, MI State Rep caves to MAGA, and Judge rules in Lindell's favor against Dominion

Posted by DC on Wed, 06/30/2021 - 06:28

Things are moving in the states.  Stubborn RINO legislators are starting to budge because they're realizing they can't depend on the CCP-controlled voting machines being around in the near future so they're looking to get ahead of being on the good side of the people once control is flipped back to us.  We're also scoring victories in court.

One point I try to drill into the brains of others is even victories that are seemingly small are absolutely DEVESTATING to the enemy.  They depend so much on complete and total protection from compromised judges and intimidation, so even otherwise normal procedural advances in court demoralizes them.

The Georgia victory was especially sweet because the fake news said the Judge ruled against the good guys because the suit had claims against governmental entities, which the judge said is a no-go on grounds of "sovereign immunity".

Fake news distributors instantly rejoiced and declared victory while leaving out that one little detail where Judge Amero went "...but it's all good... just take those five members of the elections board and add them individually to the suite instead."

Woops.  The lawsuit was pushed back another thirty days, but that's to allow those now named parties to lawyer-up.  That's five consecutive rulings in our favor by Judge Amero.

I'm old enough to remember the never-Trump idiots and libtards laughing that "but the courts keep tossing your Trump lies and conspiracy theories!!".  Now they're begging the courts for dismissals.  Deposing the Georgia elections board is going to be glorious.

John Fredericks had a great breakdown on Judge Amero's ruling in Georgia:



Like Arizona, there's real momentum for decertification in Georgia.  State Senator Brandon Beach says they'll "park" their 16 electoral votes after the Arizona audit results.  Senator Beach says if other states do that and drop below 270, then the Twelfth Amendment will force Congress to act.

“I think [fraud] is going to be so overwhelming in Fulton [County — home to Atlanta] that shows it’s gonna be anywhere from 17-34,000 ballots, it’s gonna tell the story,” Beach said.

“But then we can look at Coffee County, Ware County, DeKalb, Gwinett — we can look at all of them and really make our case,” Beach continued. “Then, what I think we can do is — and I’m not sure, I’m not an attorney — but I think we can ask for our 16 Electoral College votes back and park ’em here, and just say we don’t want those as part of the [overall] vote.”

“So you have the authority to just basically decertify your 16 electoral votes?  Just don’t give them to Trump, just park them here?” Fredricks responded.

“Bring em back and park em in Georgia,” Beach replied, “and then if Arizona would do that, and if a couple of other states did that and it got below 270, then the 12th Amendment would kick in and Congress would have to act.”

The 12th Amendment lays out how the president and vice president are chosen if no candidates receive the requisite number of electoral votes. The House would choose the president from the three candidates who received the highest number of votes, and the Senate would choose the VP from the two highest vote-getters.

How does that sound?

These audits and court victories are causing the ground under the RINOs to move, forcing their soft spines and weak knees to grasp for stability.  Case in point, Michigan State Representative Daire Rendon has gone public to say she has evidence of widespread voter "fraud", which means, more correctly, she has evidence of widespread election crimes.

The next step will be for her to call for and push a full Arizona-style forensic audit.  If she needs support, she can ask her colleague Steve Carra, who's pushing for one and introduced a bill to fund it:

Today, conservative Michigan Rep. Steve Carra (R) proposed House Bill 5091, requesting $2.5 million to perform a forensic audit of the November 2020 presidential and US Senate election in the hotly contested state of Michigan.

Back to the courts with someone who's very Trump-like in terms of never surrendering to the enemy and punching back: Mike Lindell in Minnesota.  His company is suing Dominion, and apparently the Judge didn't get the memo or a severed horse's head in his bed that says he's required to do Dominion's bidding.

The case moves forward because the Judge denied Dominion's request to push off the case, forcing them to respond by July 6th.  Dominion is now on the hook.  Think about that.



The winning continues.  If you want a great summary of the audit status for all interested states, Stu at Red State did an EXCELLENT must-read breakdown.



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