The Future Of The Democrat Party, 2018 and Beyond

Posted by Solar on Thu, 09/28/2017 - 21:58

Yeah, they're hard at work trying to unite the party behind one of the many aging Marxists, most of which will be in their 70s or older by 2020. What do we see when we look at the party, what issues can the party unite behind?

The Wall? No, half the party thinks stopping the illegal invasion is a good idea, so stank-tuary cities is a failed leftist agenda that splits the party, so count Moonbeam out as a possible contender.

Bernie can't tack down an issue if he had a giant wall of flypaper to work with. One minute he's saying high taxes kill the economy, then claims taxing the so-called "Rich" is a good idea, never once explaining what the money would be used for, especially after gutting the military budget, so we can count that Marxist out as well.

I don't even have to mention the failed Faucahauntus Marxist. That carcas is dried and dusty.

So what unites the Dims? Well beyond their avarice of Trump, not one damn thing!

They can't agree on free trade, foreign affairs, health care, and even Wall Street is a monstrous issue. It's the bread and butter of the party, but if one remembers, their beloved Marxist campaigned against the evil 'Street' via the communist movement known as OWS.

One could say "Environment" since we all love the planet, right? Problem for the Dims, is they abused that card when they used the 'Wall Street' crony connection to fund leftist across the globe, all failed, like that of the fraud, Solyndra, as well as the Chinese connection to their failed "Green Energy" lie, where they funneled billions of taxpayer dollars to Chinese communists and Marxists around the globe.

So, what does unite all these freak factions? Safe spaces? BLM? Muscums? Stifling Free Speech under the guise of hate speech/trigger warnings?

Let us not forget, the party lost over 1000 Legislative seats under the Marxist, and for good reason, the country is still majority Conservative. That's a serious mountain for the party to overcome, not to mention when one looks at the election of Trump, the only safe spaces left for the Dim party was along the coasts. The rest of the country voted Right.

Not since 1946 has the Dim party been in such a hole, but keep in mind, even the Dims of that day still loved the country and dividing the nation along race, sexual orientation or women, was not part of their agenda. No, the party of the left in its modern era is not pro-American in any sense of the word, so what will they run on? "We Hate Trump, and Pedophilia as just a misunderstood way of life"?

This exposes the schizophrenia in the party. The party loyalists know where the money comes from, Wall Street, while the hardcore leftist base, which in truth is nothing more than about 27% of what was in 2009, thinks it can win elections without corporate America.

So we have a schism within the party, one that is not about to heal anytime in the next decade in the least.

Let's take two of the most powerful leaders in the party, DiFi and Fuglosi. The base hates them, and they are both being challenged by hardcore Marxists.

There is a three-way schism within, the party is challenged from the far left, in a country that prides itself on American values. What's 27% divided by 3? That's what the Dim party is dealing with, they're splitting a tiny base between, Bernie Fabian Socialists, Marxists, and the Crony Corporate party.

You probably won't find these numbers printed, but be assured, they are quite real. Taken from internal polling for party members only, numbers the public never get to see. In this case, they were accidentally spoken by an unnamed party member who was not only devastated by the direction the party had taken, but by those who remained behind to support, what consisted of the party base after 8 long years of the Marxist Administration.

Yes, the party we all knew is gone forever and what crawls up from the ashes more than likely won't resemble anything from the previous century.

As I've been saying for years, the only reason people still see the Dim party as viable is because the media keeps the corpse on life support, and the gop'E needs the Dim party to further their Marxist agenda for crony capitalism to exist.

For all intents and purposes the Dim party is dead and it will be decades before it returns, assuming the base doesn't abandon it for a new acronym such as the New Nationalist Socialist Party, better known as the NAZI party, Socialist Democrat Party, Fabian Society Reborn (FSR), or American Communists, you get the point.

The only way the Dim party will continue is if the gop'E sees fit to keep them alive. So the truth is as it stands today, TEA Conservatives are the #1 enemy of the RNC/gop Establishment party.

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